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The Making of the New Floral Mists

flower essence mists

The Flora of Asia Floral Mists began to take form in the summer of 2014. It has been a three year process of creation, and I am now happy to announce they are ready, and to share these delightful healing mists with you.
My intention was to create four beautiful and useful formulas that would help people and animals feel better in their environments. I wanted each blend to feel and smell wonderful so people would love using them. The simple and pleasure-filled act of misting yourself and your space can bring huge benefit to your peace and wellbeing.
The first step was to create a concept of what each formula was to accomplish and who it would help, and then create a blend of flower essences to create the energetic framework for the formulas. Each of the Flora of Asia flower essences in the blends was chosen for the qualities it brings to the blend, and selected based on my years of experience in creating and using these essences myself and in my professional practice.
Once the intention was clear, and the flower essences blended to create the structure, it was time to create an essential oil blend to complement the flower essences aesthetically and energetically. Each essential oil brings not only a fragrance, but mental/emotional/spiritual benefits, and was intentionally selected to enhance the blend.
I consulted with John Steele, aromatic consultant and fragrance designer, to confirm my oil selections and for advice on blending practices. All the oils in the Flora of Asia mists are from his company, Lifetree Aromatix. His reputation for quality and integrity is unmatched, and he has decades of experience in aromatherapy and ethnobotanical uses of the oils.

Blending Trials

flower essence mist trial formulas
Just a few of the blending trial bottles…

Once I had selected the oils that would make good matches for the mists, I started blending trials. Varying the proportions of each essential oil in the blend brings about vast differences in the aroma and energetics of the final mist. For each blend I created up to a dozen different possibilities and tested each one. It is surprising how different they all were, and how much one drop more or less of a minor part of the blend could change everything.
Taking careful notes was a crucial part of the process, as it was really easy to mix up which blend was which. Over the years, the bottles multiplied and threatened to take over my office space!
A few of the blends just wouldn’t come together, so I started from scratch with completely new oil selections.
After each round, once I had a few options for each type of mist, I got feedback from my development team. I worked as Jane Bell’s assistant practitioner while she was developing her Hawaiian sprays, and brought my experience of working with her through the extensive blending process of her sprays to the Flora of Asia mists. She was happy to assist with feedback on the possible blends, and we discussed the aromatic and energetic aspects of each.
I also brought in my husband, Ron Washam, to help. He is a sommelier and wine judge with decades of experience analyzing the bouquet of wine. His feedback on the harmony and interaction of each fragrance profile was insightful and added a valuable perspective on each of the mist blends.
This process took nearly a year, as each round of blending trial requires time to rest in the bottle to get an accurate idea of the final result, before adjusting the blends for the next round of trials. At the end, I had two or three good options for each mist formula.
So, I waited a year, letting the mists rest. After the year, I retested my semi-finalists to see if they were holding up and still had the aromas and energetics I was looking to achieve. I was very happy to make my final selections knowing the products I released would smell and perform just as well over time as when they were made.

I’ve been using and enjoying the Flora of Asia mists – they are lovely, subtle but potent. Kathleen did a wonderful job in matching these essential oils with the flower essences.

John Steele, aromatic consultant, author and fragrance designer

Meet the Flora of Asia Floral Mists

Centered helps you come back to yourself, grounded and supported by the safety and stability of the forest. This formula is designed to support you in the most stressful situations, allowing you to stay in your center, respond calmly, and act from a place of clarity and balance.

Uplift elevates your mood and lifts your spirits. It is perfect for times when you need to finish a tiresome task or find enthusiasm for the job ahead. Mist yourself, breathe in, and reset your mood for a brighter day.

Peace helps you take a deep breath, slow your racing mind, and access a quiet space within. Mist yourself and bring your focus to your heart. Taking even a moment to center yourself will guide your actions throughout your day and help you feel calmer and less stressed.

Harmony helps create more pleasant and productive interactions at home and work. Mist generously around shared spaces for a lighter, brighter and more harmonious environment.