About Flora of Asia Flower Essences

Flower Essences from the Wilds of Asia

Nurtured in a pristine sanctuary in Sonoma County, California
Created with a deep reverence for Nature
Respect for tradition
and a Commitment to bring you the highest quality Flower Essences

flower essence for shame

Flora of Asia is a Flower Essence line created in Sonoma County, California from the incredibly rich and diverse plant life of the continent of Asia.

Nature speaks to our soul. Spending time in wild places is called re-creation. This is how we restore our bodies, minds, and spirits so we can go back to our daily life re-inspired and ready to be productive.

Every year, it seems this process of re-creation comes under more pressure. Vacations become shorter and less restful, time off is interrupted by email and texts, even the weekend has become a time to catch up on work. How can we find a healthy balance so we can enjoy our lives, reconnect with our friends and families, and nurture our spirits?
Taking a moment to reconnect to our selves and to Nature can help us cultivate a calmer mind, create a sense of space in our experience, and help us act from a more centered place.

A bottle of Flower Essences is a way to bring the benefits of Nature with you everywhere you go, giving you the opportunity to nourish yourself anytime.

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists have harnessed the healing qualities of these plants. Now, they are available as Flower Essences, allowing you to access the benefits of these uniquely beautiful gifts of Nature. These potent vibrational remedies are made in a pristine garden in Sonoma County, California by Kathleen Aspenns.