Do you have a hard time shifting into relaxation?
Does your busy mind distract you when you are meditating or getting ready to sleep?

Peace Floral Mist helps you take a deep breath, slow down your racing mind, and access a quiet space within. Mist yourself, exhale, and bring your focus to your heart. Taking even a moment to center yourself will guide your actions throughout your day and help you feel calmer and less stressed.


Peace Floral Mist

Enjoy the benefits of two forms of botanical healing – the immediate delight and beauty of essential oils with the deep healing and transformative potential of flower essences.

Only the highest quality pure essential oils are used in the creation of Floral Mists, carefully designed to support the energetic characteristics of the flower essence blend, enveloping you in beautiful pure scent and bringing you the pleasure of simply being.

The essential oil blend in Peace:

Kashmir Lavender soothes your nerves
Frankincense calms and relaxes you without sedating
Rose Geranium relieves the mind of stress and worry, helping you feel calm and balanced
Benzoin offers a grounding and protective energy

The Flora of Asia flower essences in Peace:

Delavay’s Tea Olive – reminds you to slow down and become more mindful
Giant Burnet – a deeply calming essence
Harlequin Glorybower – eases nervous tension out of the body, helping you trust that is safe to relax
Japanese Beautyberry – calming and centering, helping you find inner stillness
Round-Leaf Vitex – encourages the development of centeredness and balances extremes, especially from overwork
White Lily – helps to restore the connection to the wisdom of the body, and to trust in your impulses to take care of yourself
Yellow Jasmine – teaches respect for the natural cycles of the body, knowing when is time to work, to rest, and to integrate

These flower essences have calming and restorative qualities, helping you slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect to yourself. If you can’t access the healing qualities of Nature by spending time in a park or forest every day, you can mist yourself and enjoy a little Nature break anytime.

How to Use Floral Mists

    • Mist around your body and take a moment to breathe in


    • Mist over your heart chakra, or on acupressure points


    • Generously mist around your home or office space


    A light mist on your pillow and bedding will help you relax and sleep well

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 5 in

2 oz