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Flora of Asia™ is a Flower Essence line created in Sonoma County, California from the incredibly rich and diverse plant life of the continent of Asia.

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists have harnessed the healing qualities of these plants. Now, they are available as Flower Essences, allowing you to access the benefits of these uniquely beautiful gifts of Nature. These powerful healers are available to enhance your health and well being, to help you find peace and balance, and to nurture your connection to Spirit.

The Flowers

View the collection and learn how the flowers can help you.

A bottle of Flower Essence is a way to bring the benefits of Nature with you everywhere you go, giving you the opportunity to nourish yourself anytime.


The Mandala of combination formulas to help you find balance.

These formulas have been carefully crafted to help with a wide range of common life passages, offering you the support of a group of Flower Essences to meet your needs.

Professionals Love the Flora of Asia

Learning about these exquisite plants, their origin and uniqueness, led me to irresistibly add these tools to my work with clients as a Flower Essence Practitioner.
Before this, I was pretty certain I needed no more essences in my “toolbox”. I was satisfied with the ones I had been studying for decades.
And then came the discovery: the Flora of Asia. Learning about these exquisite plants, and trusting Kathleen’s integrity and care in their preparation and research of their essences, opened me up to a whole new adventure.
I highly recommend you discover what is unique about the native environments these plants originate from, and the eras of evolution that they carry, all conveyed in the healing information of their essences. It is my hope that you will experience delight in the beauty and wisdom of their messages, and benefit from the clarity and effectiveness of their Flower Essences.
Some of my clients will not accept a formula that does not contain at least one of the Flora of Asia essences: this is how much they have come to love them! 
Ruth Toledo Altschuler
I believe in Kathleen and her essences, and trust her and the integrity of her work implicitly. Her special relationship with Nature comes through in the research, the photographs, and her skillful ability to attune to the messages of the plants. I know her to be devoted to an ongoing relationship with Nature and this comes through in the Flora of Asia flower essences.
Working with these essences, I have found them to be highly effective and important in my ongoing work with clients. What is coming through is the purest expression of Nature. I believe Flower Essences are the medicine of the future, and the purity, vibrancy and quality of these essences are a true gift and a major contribution to the world of Flower Essences.
Jane Bell
The Flora of Asia flower essences are an amazing gift, and an answer for this time of great change. These wild and ancient plants are different than other offerings and bring fresh air and something new to the field. Having worked as a flower essence practitioner for 50 years, I have a library of nearly four thousand essences, and I’m wildly excited about these!
My clients and I resonate deeply with the profound messages of these plants. They express fundamental wisdom of times past, yet contain something new and relevant for now. It is part of the wildness I think, a primal wisdom that inspires us with the courage to clean up the past and move into the next stage.
Patricia Meyer