Are you feeling spun out from the chaos in your life?
Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to take effective action?

Centered Floral Mist helps you come back to yourself, grounded and supported by the safety and stability of the forest. This formula is designed to support you in the most stressful situations, allowing you to stay in your center, respond calmly, and act from a place of clarity and balance.


Centered Floral Mist

Enjoy the benefits of two forms of botanical healing – the immediate delight and beauty of essential oils with the deep healing and transformative potential of flower essences.

Only the highest quality pure essential oils are used in the creation of Floral Mists, carefully designed to support the energetic characteristics of the flower essence blend, enveloping you in beautiful pure scent and bringing you the pleasure of simply being.

The essential oil blend in Centered:

Himalayan Cedar to relax and soothe your mind and spirit, grounding and relieving anxiety
Ginger eases stress and tension
Cardamom soothes your emotions, easing stress and weariness
Vetiver calms and cools nervous tension as it grounds both mind and body

The Flora of Asia flower essences in Centered:

Schima – helps you keep your center, no matter the chaos surrounding you
Sweet Chestnut – when you are at the end of your rope and overwhelmed this essence helps you soften your need to control and just stay present with what is happening
Yellow Catnip – helps you discover the origins of your stress, learning what is right for you and finding ways to let go of societal or cultural expectations that do not fit you
Yulan Magnolia – reminds you to keep breathing and stay present
Yunnan Pine Pollen – the essence for dropping what is not essential, developing perspective so you can handle what really needs to be done and avoiding distractions

This symphony of trees offers a deeply rooted presence and a shelter in life’s storms. The flower essences in this blend were carefully selected to help you calm and ground, no matter how challenging your situation may be.

How to Use Floral Mists

    • Mist around your body and take a moment to breathe in


    • Mist over your heart chakra, or on acupressure points


    • Generously mist around your home or office space


    A light mist on your pillow and bedding will help you relax and sleep well

Pets love Floral Mists too

I rescue cats and socialize feral kittens and have tried various flower essences in the past but have not seen any results. I tried the Centered essence with a 3.5 month old kitten who would not let me touch her unless offered food. For the last three days I have sprayed Centered on my hands and clothes while petting her while she ate and she turned into a whole different kitten – she actually climbed into my lap, rolled around, gave me head bumps, and even ASKED for petting. This is a kitten who is indifferent to catnip; your Centered has some kind of magic in it. I plan to try it on other kittens I’m socializing to see if others are affected the same way. Liz, Berkeley, CA

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
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