What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a safe and gentle form of herbal medicine, highly effective in relieving stress in people and animals. They promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and offer a meaningful way to experience a connection to Nature.

Flower essences are very different from essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants. Fragrant and with great potential for healing, their concentrated nature requires awareness of the potential for harm, and should not be used indiscriminately.

Flower essences are extremely dilute tinctures of flowers without fragrance or flavor, and are vibrational remedies more akin to homeopathy. They work on the energy body, not through a process of chemical interaction with the body. There are no chemical components to flower essences other than the brandy used as a preservative. There are several ways to use flower essences that do not involve ingestion, to avoid even minimal exposure to alcohol. Therefore, flower essences have no potential for harm, no contraindications or side effects, and are completely safe for everyone.

Flower essences combine well with other healing modalities and can be added into any self care program. They do not adversely affect any other medicine or treatment, whether conventional or alternative.

Can Flower Essences cure physical illness?

Flower essences work on underlying emotional states that create disharmony or stress. They do not work directly on any illness, but can help you clear issues that contribute to dis-ease.

What can Flower Essences do for you?

  • flower essences are powerful, yet gentle, self-care tools anyone can use
  • flower essences are safe and effective for all members of the family, including pets
  • flower essences offer comfort and solace during change or stressful circumstances
  • flower essences enhance other spiritual and growth practices
  • flower essences integrate into any other health promoting program
  • flower essences reduce your stress and improve your quality of life

How are Flower Essences Made?

The Flora of Asia Flower Essences are made by the solarization process created by Dr Edward Bach. Learn more about the process of essence making.

The Story of the Flora of Asia Flower Essences

The Flora of Asia Flower Essences are created by Certified Flower Essence Practitioner Kathleen Aspenns. These are new essences, developed from wild species untouched by human selection and breeding, and have not been explored previously by the world of flower essence therapy. Learn more about this project and the pristine garden in Sonoma County, California where the essences are made.

Nutritional Information

A bottle of flower essences contains no active chemical ingredients. It works on a vibrational principle, interacting with the energy body of the individual. The energetic imprint of the individual flower is contained in the pure water, and the bottle is preserved with brandy (20% by volume).

To learn more about how water can hold an imprint of energy see the work of Masaru Emoto. His pioneering research demonstrates energy patterns contained within water, and how the structure of water can change through intention.

Product Disclaimer

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