A project like this requires the expertise and kind assistance of a great many talented individuals. I am most grateful to have had the gift of working with these people, without whom the Flora of Asia Flower Essences would never have come into the world. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Jane Bell, my flower essence teacher and mentor. Without your enthusiastic encouragement this project would never have begun.

Bill McNamara, director of Quarryhill Botanical Garden. It is a profound privilege to be allowed access to this incredible collection; creating flower essences in your garden is one of my greatest joys.

Ruth Toledo Altschuler, web and image coach and renowned flower essence practitioner and teacher. I can’t imagine how I could have created this website without your guidance, and my images have benefited immensely from your professional eye.

Diana Manchester, Manchester Advertising and Design. Your brilliant logo and branding design bring this project to the highest of levels. I adore the work you have done!

Caroline Larrouilh, ProudHorse Connections, marketing. Thank you for your guidance and expertise to help me refine my message, and all the cheerleading support over the years.

Ron Washam, my incredibly supportive husband. Thanks for everything, love, no way could I have done this without you.