Select from The Mandala of Flower Essence Combinations

Many people find combination flower essence formulas to be easy and convenient. Look over the mandala and select a combination formula that addresses the challenge you are facing. These formulas have been carefully crafted to help a wide range of common life passages and challenges, offering you the support of a group of flower essences to meet your needs. Because there is a blend of flowers in each formula to address your challenge, it is very likely that you will get the help you are seeking.

Identify Your Essence by Keyword

  • How can the flowers help you?

  • If you know the challenge you are facing, explore the essences related to this issue by selecting a keyword from the list. Each keyword leads you to a listing of essences that directly address your challenge. For the best results, choose one to six essences to work with at a time. Focusing your selection, and working on one core challenge at a time, will give you the most beneficial result.

    View Images of the Flowers

    If you are not sure or can’t clearly define your issue, look at the flower images and see which ones are most attractive to you. The ones you are least attracted to may also be useful to look into more carefully and read about the issues they address. Click on the image to find out more about each essence, and see if you start noticing elements that resonate with you. You do not need to identify with every aspect of an essence for it to be a good match, trust your intuition to guide you in your final selections. Choose one to six essences to work with a challenge and heal it on the deepest level. View the full collection here.

    Need More Help?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused by all the possibilities? A private consultation may be right for you. Schedule your confidential session (via phone or Skype) with Kathleen. She will create a custom blend of flower essences to precisely match your unique needs so you can feel deeply supported as you progress in your healing journey.

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