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flower essence for clearing

Experience the beauty, fragrance and splendor of wild nature growing in the garden jewel of Sonoma Valley. Quarryhill Botanical Garden is famed for its vast collection of plants from China and Japan, set in a secluded garden of tranquil ponds, gently rolling paths and scenic vistas. March 17th, April 28th, June 9th, and July 21st…(Read More)

flower essence for perseverance

Winter in the Garden


Celebrating winter’s beauty on a chilly gray day, enjoying the many berries and rose hips on display. I visited the Blue Evergreen Hydrangea, the Okinawan Holly, and two members of the rose family, the Yeddo Hawthorn and the Shillong Rose. I walked in the garden near the winter solstice, and reflected how much change…(Read More)