Flower Essence Consultations

Kathleen AspennsI offer private telephone or Skype flower essence consultations. I trained with Jane Bell of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project and was certified as a practitioner in 2008. My specialty is helping people who are committed to their personal growth and evolution overcome difficult emotions, unhealthy patterns, and obstacles to manifestation. My personal journey deeply informs my work, and I draw on my personal connection with Nature and my intuitive skills to listen deeply, tune into the messages of the flowers, and facilitate your healing with Flower Essences. Like me, many of my clients also share their lives with animal companions, and I am experienced in working with a broad range of emotional and behavioral issues with both domestic and exotic animals.

Consultations are 45 minutes and include a personalized blend of flower essences to work with the challenges facing you. Sessions are $115, which includes the consultation, your custom blend of flower essences, and US shipping via USPS (international shipping is available for an additional fee).
During the consultation, we will uncover the most pressing issue and develop a blend of flower essences that will support you and help you overcome the blocks keeping you out of balance. Formulas vary, but 8 to 12 different essences is typical. I draw on a broad library of flower, gem and environmental essences to create the perfect formula for you. Please use the online scheduler below to create your appointment: