Flower Essence Therapy Consultations

photo of Kathleen Aspenns

I offer private flower essence therapy consultations. I trained with Jane Bell of the Alaskan Flower Essence Project and was certified as a practitioner in 2008. My specialty is helping people who are committed to their personal growth and evolution overcome difficult emotions, unhealthy patterns, and obstacles to manifestation.

My personal journey deeply informs my work, and I draw on my connection with Nature and my intuitive skills to listen deeply, tune into the messages of the flowers, and facilitate your healing with Flower Essences. Like me, many of my clients also share their lives with animal companions, and I am experienced in working with a broad range of emotional and behavioral issues with both domestic and exotic animals.

Consultations are 45 minutes and include a personalized blend of flower essences to work with the challenges facing you. I find audio only calls to be the best way to connect to the heart of the matter, and we can work together over telephone or a variety of other message services such as Skype or WhatsApp. Session pricing includes the consultation, your custom blend of flower essences, and US shipping via USPS (international shipping is available for an additional fee).

During the consultation, we will work together to uncover the most pressing issue and develop a blend of flower essences that will support you and help you overcome the blocks keeping you out of balance. Formulas vary, but 8 to 12 different essences is typical. I draw on a broad library of flower, gem and environmental essences to create the perfect formula for you. Please use the online scheduler below to create your appointment:

What My Clients Say

I need to order more of the same potion you made me before. I’ve been out of it for a while, but I’m needing it again. It’s so interesting that once I learn that feeling of calm, I can kind of summon it without help…but then I get overwhelmed again and need it. 🙂 Cool stuff. Essences work MUCH better for me than the smelly oils.Kimry, OR

I have experienced a wonderful journey of self exploration and healing with Kathleen and the flower essences.  Kathleen knows exactly what to ask and focuses on what needs to be addressed.Claire, Petaluma, CA

I’ve worked with Kathleen on a number of occasions. Her gentle friendliness, obvious compassion and blazing intuition all together create a very powerful practitioner. I am a huge fan of flower essences and use them daily.Kip, Capistrano Beach, CA

Tux and Topaz are loving Kathleen’s essences! Tux waits for the drops to be put into his food bowl. He looks up at me intently and demands that drops and food go together.Deborah, Santa Rosa, CA

I’m already feeling the beautiful nurturing effects of the blends. I feel more grounded, like I’m sailing smoothly even when all around would normally feel chaotic. Overall, I’ve felt more happy, uplifted, confident and inspired even after only a few days of using the blends. I have felt very held and supported, and am more conscious of my breath than ever before.Kristin, Healdsburg, CA

I do believe my flower essences are working great. I definitely am not feeling so overwhelmed and my anxiety around the amount of work I have is much better. Believe me; I am very busy with a lot of things running my life both with work and personal; so this would be a time that I would be going crazy and not sleeping well. Thanks!Sandie, Santa Rosa, CA

I’ve been working with Kathleen for about a year, in a process to heal various mind-body issues. During our work together, we have gone well beyond what I accomplished in seven years of very good psychotherapy, but in a way that has been very gentle and organic. Kathleen is very easy to talk to, compassionate, wise and intuitive. Her flower essence formulas have brought about powerful changes in a paradoxically gentle way. It has the feeling of alchemy about it. She is indeed a healer.E.R., California

I sought Kathleen’s help on my own issues after several months of her successful work to help my first horse heal the effects of trauma and pain related to injury and surgery. I was struggling to find my voice as a writer of young adult fiction and as an advocate for horses. Through a series of telephone conversations, Kathleen tailored flower essences for each stage of my journey. As my writing progressed from tremulous false starts through a period of questioning “why write at all?” and finally to an almost-completed manuscript, Kathleen identified the most appropriate flower essences for each stage and devised formulas to release blocks, stimulate my creative voice and help me to communicate the story that my heart wanted to tell. Each time I received a bubble-wrapped package of flower essences from Kathleen in the mail, I felt lifted and buoyant. I hope more and more people find their way to Kathleen and discover the results as I did.E.O., California

Both curious and skeptical, I approached Kathleen to understand how flower essence remedies work. She so clearly explained the theory behind the protocol that I was able to wrap my mind around it. So I gave it a try. After about three weeks I noticed feeling slightly calmer, and noticeably happier. My particular formula was to quiet my busy mind — and, apparently, it works! I appreciate Kathleen’s expertise and professionalism, which nicely complement her intuitive approach that allows her tune in to what her clients most need. Victoria, CA

My Flower Essence Therapy Code of Conduct


I offer complete confidentiality to potential, current, and past clientele, and keep private all personal information.


I conduct myself with integrity and provide client services to the best of my ability. I refer clients to other professionals when I believe my services are not the best fit for what the client needs.


I charge fair prices for the highest quality individualized services, and state my fee structures clearly in advance. I expect payments at the time of service, unless otherwise arranged.

Professional Conduct

I conduct myself professionally and honestly at all times.

Equality and Discrimination

I strive to be fair in all interactions, not influenced by issues of gender, race, creed, color, age or disability.