Three-Leaved Clematis


Flower Essence for focused attention: Three-Leaved Clematis Flower Essence aids in focusing your attention so you can accomplish goals, using time as a focal point so your life is lived well.


Three-Leaved Clematis | Flower Essence | Focused Attention

Flower Essence for focused attention: Three-Leaved Clematis Flower Essence aids in focusing your attention so you can accomplish goals, using time as a focal point so your life is lived well.

Botanical Name: Clematis apiifolia var. congesta

Family: Ranunculaceae
Three-Leaved Clematis flower essence fact sheet

Message from Three-Leaved Clematis Flower Essence

Our qualities connect to the collective, even to the earth spirit herself, so any tightly constructed idea is a pale shadow of our potential.

But, we understand the value in giving a framework of action to guide the individual in decision making, as to which essence may fit them and their situation best.

Our signature is well known, and is coherent with the Bach essence flower.

Our differences are thus:

We permit the focusing of attention so that goals can be accomplished. For in your plane, lofty ideas are a long way from actual reality. An idea is a most amorphous creature, easily dissipated, as if it never was. We can help to focus the concept, to strengthen the idea and to give focus to the actions needed to manifest the idea into reality.

It is very easy to pick up ideas – they are absolutely everywhere. But in order to take root, grow and flourish as creations, they must be nurtured on the physical plane. This requires concerted focus and attention.

Regarding earlier message about time – time is a finite commodity for you. It is somewhat malleable, more than you think or realize, but overall – the span of your life does limit you. This limitation provides a focal point for you to work with, the point is not to squander the time you are given in this incarnation.

Now, you might hear this as a judgement – that using time in one way or another is better than another way. That is not the point at all. The purpose of the passing of time, the limitation of a lifespan, is to focus your attention on what is important. We encourage you to really live rather than think or dream about possibilities.

Grasping each opportunity is valuable.

Our healing ability is to redefine time – to move past the concept of being “late to the party”, late getting started in life. For time is an unimportant construct, a feature to organize, but not one to be worshipped. The perfect time to do something with oneself is NOW. You have not missed the boat, nor did you leave it too late – too old to start something new – not at all. This would be most terrible not to start because of some naysayer telling one “you are too old to start”. Everyone’s journey is different, all paths are unique. Some start, then stop, then start again, but the learning and growth take place along all sections of the path. It is important to remember that the linearity you live is not the rule of the universe. It is only on this plane that it exists. The linearity is a tool to serve you, not anything else. You are the driver of your experience, and all your decisions are in perfect time.

The healing and balancing we can impart is more in the area of certainty. The certainty you feel when you strike out on a path, a new direction in your life. This moment is always a challenging one, and it’s appropriate that a certain reserve of will be created, in order to have the impetus to stretch out of the known and well trodden path. As a plant expression, we have no fear of growing in new places and have easily adapted to many new environments and growing locations in this garden. Likewise, we can assist in opening up to new experiences and instill a sense of confidence in trying new things.

It is but a matter of pacing on this plane. For each life has active points of growth and change, balanced with quiet periods. Those who attempt to force through the quiet periods will find themselves in enforced quiet through the balancer of illness. True, it is possible to push past all these things, but the wiser course is to harmonize with the deeper rhythms. 

Our essence is a good choice to use when there is a period of reflection. These periods will be of shorter duration if you would attend to them with full attention. You see, it is a tendency to fill them with busyness in order to not experience the stillness. The stillness is a place to rest and reflect, to learn from the growthful places, to gain perspective and wisdom from the life lived.

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