Chinese Emmenopterys


Chinese Emmenopterys Flower Essence helps you connect to your Higher Self to develop the perspective needed to work through growth and challenging times.


Chinese Emmenopterys | Flower Essence | Higher Self Perspective

Pronunciation: em-en-OP-tur-iss

Botanical Name: Emmenopterys henryi

Family: Rubiaceae
Chinese Emmenopterys flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Chinese Emmenopterys Flower Essence:

Our wisdom is quiet and powerful and the preparatory work must be done by the individual first – we are graduate level energy. We can assist in moving up to the next level of awareness – a glimpse of the “god mind”, lack of ego-identity.

Whenever one is ready to transcend a situation, to learn the core lesson around a challenge, ours is the energy to make this awareness happen – the link between us and the Higher Self is very strong. You could say we reside at the God-self level and can assist you in stepping up to that level for the time necessary to bring awareness.

We help in the healing process by the primary channel of perspective and understanding. Humans in general have limited perspective. If you can see the way all around you sees, as you do when you are no longer submerged in the ego state – you would see the mechanisms (complete and always in movement) that prepare you to be in the perfect place at the perfect time. You can certainly waylay or otherwise throw a wrench in these plans of your higher self.  You cannot “ruin” them, of course – merely delay them.  Indeed, the delay can be lifetimes. But it will eventually unfold as you have planned.

For the greater self is in charge of the life journey, and the closer you walk to that path the easier it becomes. The greater the connection to your soul, the easier to hear the message that will direct you, steer you from non-serving influences, and smooth the way. The primary point here is – this incarnation need not be hard, strife-filled or miserable. Truly, there are challenges, and growth is uncomfortable – but you always can access the support of the realm currently invisible to you. This invisibility is merely your preference – and preferences can be changed at any time.

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