Delavay’s Tree Peony


Delavay's Tree Peony Flower Essence creates a deep sense of stability so you can respond and flow with the changing currents in life.


Delavay’s Tree Peony | Flower Essence | Deep Stability

Botanical Name: Paeonia delavayi

Family: Paeoniaceae
Delavay’s Tree Peony flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Delavay’s Tree Peony Flower Essence

Stability is an illusion, and the desire for stability can develop into a desire for intertia.

There is a great difference between the desire for a normal, healthy rest period and the illusion of stability. It is needed to have these times of slackness, of rest and integration. It is as vital and irreplaceable as sleep. There are profound consequences that intensify over time for those who override the natural system of restoration.

Maintaining your groundedness requires keeping an open connection to your base of stability, which is your connection to the earth. This openness is a set point determined by you – it is not externally determined or controlled by any force outside yourself. Your experiences on this plane, and your responses to these experiences, determine the relative functionality of this center.

The benefits to you of nourishing this center are myriad. Acting from a place of stability permits you to flow with the forces around you, keeping you rooted no matter what happens. Your body will be far more functional in this state, receiving the nourishing life force from your environment, your food, your expressions in the body. The body will show a much greater responsiveness to the life forces all around, and be able to take in the experiences of healing that are all around.

Life in general will become easier for you. For earthly nourishment will flow to you, including the monetary expression of abundance.

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