Chinese Anise


Chinese Anise Flower Essence shows you the way of ease within challenge and teaches you to harmonize with forces beyond your control. When plans are disrupted and doors close to you, this essence helps you see the big picture and find peace during change.


Chinese Anise | Flower Essence | Peace During Change

Botanical Name: Illicium henryi

Family: Illiciaceae
Chinese Anise flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Chinese Anise Flower Essence:

Much of life is struggle, of pain, of difficulty. This does not need to be. We can show the way to ease within the challenge, of harmonizing with the forces outside of your control (seemingly – you are far more powerful than you think).  This is also illusion – that the outward circumstances somehow influence inner ones – they do not.  There is always the possibility of ease and peace within – no matter how trying the situation.

You too can gain the big picture when the world seemingly upsets your plans.  You have been growing along in one way, then you must be pruned (in cooperation with your higher self, of course) in order to grow more beautifully – in the direction of your highest potential. The lesson is to realize it is all in your greatest good (no matter how painful the challenge, how great the loss) and grow in the direction that opens to you.

Our essence can aid those who find themselves in situations that are less than ideal. Drawing from deeper reserves of resources, you can find your ability to thrive even in a place of difficulty.

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