Hairy Toad Lily


Hairy Toad Lily Flower Essence aids in the exploration of the past, bringing out what has been hidden.

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Hairy Toad Lily | Flower Essence | Shadow Work

Botanical Name: Tricyrtis hirta

Family: Liliaceae
Hairy Toad Lily flower essence fact sheet

Message from Hairy Toad Lily Flower Essence

The healing potential I hold is for accepting the more unusual, even deviant, ideas and concepts. For this is merely an outgrowth or expression of the shadow, and is rich in insight. Of course, impulses of this sort are appropriate to “run past” one’s higher self and mission so that inappropriate actions are not taken. This is not what this concept is about. It is about the exploration of these ideas and impulses – not in the expression of them. For it is related to the concept of evil, and the harm that comes from the cultivation and repeated expression of such things. For those who do not have or form a strong connection to higher self are at times seduced by the impulses of the shadow, and follow this direction away from higher self. It is not the problem of the shadow, for all can connect to this and it is part of the complete journey. However it is the misguided drive to fulfill these impulses that causes the problem, the error of the creation of evil. This is a topic that your culture is quite mistaken in its basic understanding. For all have this connection to what you might term “evil”, which is merely expression of shadow. By denying this connection, and damaged connection to higher self, the soul becomes lost. In this lost state, the personality seeks the “realness” that cultivation of the shadow self generates. This follows along in the train of thought and ends in harm to self and others. Those who deny the knowledge of this shadow self create a sense of disconnection from those who follow it and label them as bad or other. This does not resolve or heal the karmic setup, merely continues it.

Through understanding and awareness of what is hidden, these lost souls can be guided back to balance.

For there are moments in all existences that are too large or difficult to assimilate at the time they happen. Then, these events are held in a stasis until such time as they can be addressed. This is well known and established.

Our essence can serve well for those who are prepared to see again these frozen points in time. As you suspect, they may not even be personal experiences, they may stem from the collective mind and experience. (Until they are released, they will continue to have an impact. Energy goes into the maintenance of stasis, and in some circumstances the energy drain is immense.)

Furthermore, our essence will permit the clearing of issues that are larger than one’s own experience, we have the capacity to aid in the clearing of larger cultural issues.

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