Soul’s Rose


Flower Essence for loss: Soul’s Rose Flower Essence restores brilliance to the heart after grief and loss. It helps you find the way out of the darkness into the light.

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Soul’s Rose | Flower Essence | Healing from Loss

Flower Essence for loss: Soul’s Rose Flower Essence restores brilliance to the heart after grief and loss. It helps you find the way out of the darkness into the light.

Botanical Name: Rosa soulieana

Family: Rosaceae
Soul’s Rose flower essence fact sheet

Notes from the Garden:

I’m taking poetic license to give this flower essence the name of Soul’s Rose. The species is named for the French explorer Pere Soulie, who encountered it in China in 1895. It is a gorgeous shrub, covered in fragrant creamy flowers and has the most exquisite grey green foliage.

The experience of making this essence was very much an exploration of the domain of the heart, as it is with most roses. This rose seemed particularly to resonate with healing the heart of pain and sadness. I find it helps to restore brilliance to the heart after a period of loss or grief.

Message from Soul’s Rose Flower Essence

We have the ability to open the heart of one who is suffering, who has suffered much, and is perhaps not sure of the way out into the light.

There is an experience of joy within all experiences. The joy comes from realizing that all is as it should be, and that lessons of all kinds have both gifts and challenges.

The soul’s journey is just that, a journey. Some portions are ecstatic, some difficult. All are necessary to create and refine the soul, which is the purpose of your journey.

In each life, in each soul experience, comes a time of great loss. Whatever the loss may be – whether a loss of a beloved companion, of a prized possession, of an aspiration or a goal long worked towards. Losses have many forms – the experience of loss is primary to the existence of one on this plane.

So, we established the initiating event, that of loss. Now the being will experience this in many ways, and move through stages in this process of grieving.

The most pertinent point in this process for our purpose is the place of emptiness, the experience of the blank expanse – all is unknown and bleak. This may be a depression, but it is within this bowl of emptiness that our experience lies. This is the point where we can influence the outcome.

For this state is rarefied – the place where the highest soul self can step in and provide wisdom, insight, and a place to grow. It is assuredly not a pleasant place, but a rich one nonetheless.

This place of pause is the point of the experience. For the human will bustle about, focused on outer activity, stimulus, and can ignore the deeper callings of the soul. These pauses when they occur forcefully draw attention to the deeper truths, and in doing so catalyze the soul to growth.

It is in this growth during the stop following a loss that the heart can be educated.

When the being is bustling around, focused on externals, he can fail to notice the deeper feelings of his heart. The heart center is bypassed entirely and the human runs solely on the ego center and the intellect. The heart center becomes deprived of the nourishment of attention. In time, an event will come forward (driven by the greatest good of the soul – in the highest interest) to refocus the consciousness on the task at hand.

For you see, part of the construct of your existence here is the tension set up between the inner and the outer. For neither is good or bad – and neither should be the sole focus of a life. The challenge is to find a balance (over the course of an incarnation) in which both areas receive attention, both areas are growthful. However, for most beings, the outer world draws the greater degree of attention, so the balancing factor is needed more towards the inner.

The experience of loss, of longing for what was, is a shared experience among all embodied beings. For in the state of embodiment, you do not hold the perspective that is your native state. You experience all things in a dense state, that obeys certain laws and rules, where time goes in but one direction. You will see the past as no longer existing or being active, and as if it never was (in the sense of not being able to inhabit it any more).

But the reality is, you are entangled in all layers of your experience, and they all live on in existence.

Our essence encourages you to fully embrace the experience, knowing that loss is a part of all lives, that trying to insulate against loss is not a way to not feel pain, but a way to never have joy or love.

The sadness and grieving – this too is part of your experience on this plane. Your experience feeds the collective soul.

We teach you not to try to avoid loss through distancing or not caring – instead to open your heart to the richness, love and joy of the experience. Permanence is an illusion you may seek, but the only reality is the joy created by risking the heart by loving.

It is a perceived risk, of course, the actual risk is to go through your life without filling your accounts with loving experiences, deep connections and vibrant joyful life.

Sadness and loss will touch all lives, but the resilience comes from fully embracing the joy and love preceding it.

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