Hairy Angelica


Hairy Angelica Flower Essence offers feelings of safety and containment, helping you connect to Source energy. This essence enlivens the energy flows from base to crown chakra, nourishing and strengthening the body with earth energies. Particularly beneficial and healing for women.


Hairy Angelica | Flower Essence | Safety

Botanical Name: Angelica pubescens

Family: Apiaceae

Hairy Angelica flower essence fact sheet

Message from Hairy Angelica Flower Essence

Our energies support and enhanced flow of earth energy, feeding your vertical axis and allowing smooth harmonious energy flows to the extent each individual is capable. This energy flow is something that is harmonically different with each individual, and no two energies are alike. So, each being links and generates from the harmonics the Earth creates, each draws, alters and harmonizes an individual energy flow to each being. What we say is, there are unique frequencies, drawn by individual souls, that are generated by the earth. She has an endless bank of frequency (the frequencies that feed life and chi) – each individual connects and transmutes a channel that works best for them. The harmonies do change from time to time, to benefit a transformation within an individual.

Our energies support this process of connection to one’s own source energy, and learning to draw it more strongly. We also teach how to alter frequency so that change and transformation are supported.

The goal and process of incarnation is to grow in vibration, and our energy supports this process.

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