Self Heal


Helps you to connect to your potential for self healing. Use after traumas of any kind, and to support the healing process in general.


Self Heal | Flower Essence | Healing Potential

Botanical Name: Prunella vulgaris

Family: Lamiaceae

Message from Self Heal Flower Essence

It is a truth that all beings can stray from their flow of health. There are many events in a life that can cause one to diverge from the track of health. The health desires to flow within the body, and will always attempt homeostasis. Repeated injuries make this increasingly difficult (and injury is used broadly here – for all the events you call micro traumas are counted in this).

Our mission as an herb is to work to restore these paths, to unblock the constrictions in the flow. These channels can be enhanced, the qi to move more smoothly and freely, nourishing the body, balancing and harmonizing the Spirit.

Use our energies for any being who has had a shock or trauma. It is very simple. Any event, recent or distant past, must be addressed and remedied before further steps are taken.

Second, once this situation has been aided, you can begin to rebuild correct flow, rebuild the defensive forces of the body, bring back the forces of restoration within. These forces arise from a grounded earth connection, that is, the spirit must be seated and embodied in order for the body to begin to rebuild.
This is the significance – the body must have and foster connection with the spirit. A body disconnected will not endure. The disconnection from the animating intelligence creates a fertile ground for disorder.
Our energies nourish this connection, and stimulate its rebuilding when it has been compromised.
When the health flows freely, there is no difficulty in maintaining the wellness from disruptions and imbalances. The system has rebalancing built into it, the resiliency to perturbations in the environment.
But when vitality is compromised, these events are harder to accommodate.

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