Korean Bellflower


Korean Bellflower Flower Essence heals old imprints of shame, trauma or abuse by reaching back in time to when they were created to release them completely.

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Korean Bellflower | Flower Essence | Healing Pain in the Past

Botanical Name: Campanula takesimana

Family: Campanulaceae
Korean Bellflower flower essence fact sheet

Message from Korean Bellflower Flower Essence

There is a clarity and purity within – it has been covered with imprints of shame and guilt that pervert the proper running of your system – we use these harsh words because this is relating to the feelings you experience. These feelings create and attract more of the same and it is best to heal them at the deepest level where they first occur – our essence “cuts to the chase’ and removes the imprints completely, which retroactively releases all stored shame and abuse that have occurred by being attracted to the initial injury. It is as if we can go back in time to release the imprint, as if it never was, so that the abuses and injuries forward in time never happened – our ability to fold time in this way is unusual.

The things you see as static and one-way directional (that is, time) are indeed malleable. It matters not when something happened, for you truly can reach back and alter events that have already happened – all times and events are concurrent – also something to know is that what you are experiencing now is also adjusting events both in your past and your future.

You see before you a homely plant – no grandeur, short, floppy even. But do not let appearances fool you – a tree form is not necessary to be a grand healer, working on deep levels. You see, we skip through time and space coming up here and there, flowering when we will, then vanishing completely. This is our philosophy as a teacher, to show the way unexpectedly, then vanish until next time. For many do not even see us – we only appear to those who choose to see.

The memories and experiences that cause you to quiver in fear – these can be healed and released through our essence.The flower adds a mantle of grace around the challenge – allowing its containment, healing and release.

Each traumatic moment is held in a field that is frozen in a time and space point. This is how the mind manages overwhelming events. It is necessary to maintain function and to survive. However, it is a problem if these events are never healed and integrated. They remain unchanged with time, and can cause repeat episodes when triggered by an event that has the element of similarity. You see – this event is crystallized in the field – it is unchanged, time is not a factor – to the person re-experiencing the event it is as if it is happening in the now.

So, if a being has a great many crystallized events held in their field they are at a state of constant risk of re-experiencing one or another of these events. Life is not a pleasant experience for these souls.

Our essence allows the lancing of these pockets of experience – so that the light of healing can interact with them. Use our essence with another essence to guide to the chosen area of injury. If no one area is chosen, the unconscious will do the choosing. It may be a surprise to the person – it is likely not to be a trauma experience they think is crucial or active. “I resolved that long ago” they might say. But it will be foundational to the healthy function of the being.

This process is most likely to take place in the unconscious or dream state. There will be some very interesting dreams!

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