River Windflower


Brings a sense of upliftment and even joy, to counter the effects of grief and loss.

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River Windflower | Flower Essence | Easing Grief

Botanical Name: Anemone rivularis

Family: Ranunculaceae

Message from River Windflower Flower Essence

Our energies are very beneficial in that we bring light and joy into dark places.
You will find a resonance with the Lung channel, for we (with our companion Balloon Flower) create elevation to counter the emotions of grief and loss.
For the energies always have opposition to one another, and it is in the balance of energies that we bring influences to bear.
Let us explain.
If you consider the flows of energy, life force, to be inherently balanced, in that the pull in one direction is balanced by the push in another. These flows are much like the tides, they flow one way for a period of time, then come back to the other. There is also an aspect of creativity in this, and responsiveness to aspects of energy all around.
Just as in the tides, there are many variations that are influenced by season, the planets, and so forth.
However, unlike the tides, we operate in the realm of energies that can be influenced by the individual experiencing them.
Thus, the energy flows of the body are readily influenced by natural substance such as the healing remedy we create together.
Our energy elevates excessive downward flow, as in grief or despair, helping to balance the suffering inherent in the grieving process with the memories of love and connection and the truth of hope. Some times must be endured, and there is suffering in all lives, but it need not be unleavened by fond memories and the reality of eternal connection.
Our essence reaches up energetically to grasp ethereal qi, to help aid and restore the connection to this essential source of life.
We will harmonize well with the Magnolias, particularly the Yulan, as that open receptivity to the shen is aided by the energy we provide – that reaching out, grasping and connecting to the air qi.

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