Illicium Flower Essence provides clarity of mind and calm attention so that you can connect to the guidance of your spirit and strengthen the knowing of your true purpose.


Illicium | Flower Essence | Calm Clarity

Pronunciation: ih-LISS-ee-um

Botanical Name: Illicium simonsii

Family: Illiciaceae
Illicium flower essence fact sheet

Message from Illicium Flower Essence

Our energy is one of union. We permit the closing off of outside influence and allowing focus to be strictly within oneself. This inner union is the easy and best way to find out the guidance of the higher self.

The energy is more of clarity – for this is the healing gift we offer. As a beam of light shines unstopped by clutter, objects and the “noise” of other lights – our light shines purely so that the clear connection can be made. There are many times (we see into the human condition to speak this) that clarity of purpose is lost – clarity of vision and connection to spirit. One’s own light source is diminished when connection is lost. This inner light is what feeds the passion, feeds the knowing of true purpose on this plane. We as an essence can strengthen this knowing, this connection to one’s own light.

We wish to address an idea that is not in harmony with accuracy or truth. This is the idea that there is separation of beings. Separation exists only on one level – the ego/mental level. There are those who strongly cultivate this state, and as such, are profoundly unaware of the connection between “all that is”. For those “disconnected” ones (a joke – they only think they are!) this essence can serve to open them to the world all around, and the bonds that are strong between the worlds. The ego state that is out of alignment will soften, and more of the soul may inhabit the form.

The exit from “normal reality” into the realm of connections can be unsettling for some. The illusion of separation is strong in your kind, can allows many mental distortions. For instance, many of your behaviors arise from the idea that no one is watching, observing, noticing you. This is never the case. For you are in constant connection with the world around you, you merely are not tuned into it. The other kingdoms are always present and open to communication.

Our essence can aid in opening this two way communication, with the plant world and with any other kingdom. For this disconnect is the cause of many of the troubles facing your kind. The behavior and decision making that cause destruction of your home and non-human beings (and humans too) are all a result of this split.

This split is a historical fact, and while not appropriate per se, it was a driver for your progression as a species. However, it is now time for your kind to graduate to the next level and take on the responsibility of citizens of the world. You see, the other beings of the planet have carried the weight while your kind was maturing. Now it is time to step up, take your place as co-partners and collaborators in the system.

This mental state of connection cannot take place in a state of fear. The two are incompatible. It is a mechanism of control one in power may use to maintain control. When the being is in fear, the natural connection, support and inherent resourcefulness are “offline”.

When the being is in a state of grace, calm waiting for perfect timing – then many actions are available, and will take place in right timing. Timing is something that is not well understood. Humans think of time as the progression on a clock or a calendar – and that all moments are relatively equal in potential. They most definitely are not. All non-human beings know how to act in harmony with the inherent timing, and to act when the potential for success is the greatest. This awareness of the moment to act is available in the state we foster. Therefore, our essence can aid in the enhancement and development of the calm, connected and aware state that makes action in perfect timing.

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