Five-Leaved Chaste Tree


Five-leaved Chaste Tree Flower Essence aids us in finding our unique path to health, guided by the wisdom of the body. It shows us how to find the flow of health, and helps us be patient with the process.


Five-Leaved Chaste Tree | Flower Essence | Path to Health

Botanical Name: Vitex negundo

Family: Verbeneaceae
Five-Leaved Chaste Tree flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Five-Leaved Chaste Tree Flower Essence:

The goal of healing should be greater understanding of the roots of disease. Disease is the unnatural state, from which health has diverged. If you can trace back to the origin of the divergence from health, you can then release the evident disease. Disease simply shows that the path has been broken – left somewhere. It is an invitation to relocate the path. Do not think that one’s steps need to be retraced – simply relocate the path. It is never that far away – health desires to flow in the system.

Our essence can strengthen the will to relocate the path of health. The health is intrinsic in the body – one need only listen for the messages the body is always giving. Our essence can strengthen the impulse to hear this message.

For there are no straight lines in nature – nothing is ever so simple. The complexity of each being is infinite – and that is the way it should be. Each healing journey is filled with epiphanic moments. This too is how it must be. Those seeking the one true thing are regularly disappointed, for the Universe never ceases to present them with each one true thing in turn. They are disappointed with each, for they are not complete. It is perfect, and it explained all for a while, but inevitably new questions and challenges arise.  Then the disappointed starts a new search for the next perfect thing. In this way their growth is furthered, but they miss the beauty of the journey (and much additional learning) by fixing their gaze on the horizon (which naturally never comes). This basic level misunderstanding keeps them frustrated in their search. What is misunderstood is that seeking is the truth. Seeking, and the truths discovered along the way are the gold you are looking for. This is the one true solution everyone seeks – only realize that from your limited perspective, you see it as consecutive, many, and not one. The one truth you seek is revealed in facets as you walk the surface of the gem of your life.

As an essence, we are capable of aiding in the defining of paths – giving discrimination to the search. For each soul finds truths along the way, and certain souls can powerfully project their misunderstanding of their truths to think they are the truth. In this way they may mislead others into embracing their truth as their own, when it is more appropriate for them to continue finding their own truth.

For those who are easily drawn away from their own knowing and follow the dictates of others (health, diet, beliefs). To strengthen individual desire to find their own life force flow (dynamic) – each channel of health is unique and conforms to no known pattern exactly. Each may find value in a type of patterning – but each is unique in many ways and will find frustration or disease by attempting to put his uniqueness into the patterning of another.

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