Blackberry Lily


Blackberry Lily Flower Essence heals wounding caused by the use of force (whether physical restraint or psychological pressure) obliging submission or obedience.  Releases shame and disgust with yourself.


Blackberry Lily | Flower Essence | Releasing Shame

Botanical Name: Belamcanda chinensis
Family: Iridaceae
Message from the Blackberry Lily Flower Essence:
The important piece of information to impart to you is all humans can benefit from the support of the second chakra.In very few beings is it running at “full capacity”. There are almost always overlays on the correct function of this energy center.
So, with the intent and permission of the being (We specify this – the being must be prepared for movement, even discomfort however brief, and stirring of this center, for this healing process can come to a screeching halt if this is not understood. Our energies do not work quietly or below the level of conscious awareness.) we can begin the repairs. The repairs begin on the energetic level, and involve clearing of old material. This material can be imprints, memories, even data that has been calcified into physical form.
The process may vary in speed, depending on the individual and situation. And, each imprint may take different times to clear. Sometimes what seems to be a small issue can take the most time and work to clear.

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