Golden Larch


Golden Larch Flower Essence helps you balance will forces with true wisdom, encouraging right action in the world. It moderates and guides so you can act decisively but in balance with the greatest good. Clears distortions of the ego caused by lack of self-worth.


Golden Larch | Flower Essence | Taking Right Action

Botanical Name: Pseudolarix amabilis

Family: Pinaceae
Golden Larch flower essence fact sheet

Message from Golden Larch Flower Essence

Our essence has a strong relationship with action in the world. This kind of action is in harmony with the greater system, and is not an action of ego in the negative sense of the word.

There are two issues here.

The ego, the area activated by the 3rd chakra, is the will center. This is designed to be active and strong – and balanced with the correct balancing factor of the other chakras. The will gets a “bad rap” because it is often seen unmoderated by the 4th chakra – will without heart is rapacious. A correctly balanced will acts strongly, but acts in balance, in compassion, in proper time, and in concert with the greater forces around the individual.

The will was never meant to be a single force. It is utterly necessary for action – and action is an imperative on the physical plane. You have designed to be here in order to take action. This is why you are in form, after all. Disembodied forces, pure consciousness – cannot take action.

So, we have established the will as a necessary force. Now to the next aspect.

The will, properly applied, is a function of self-worth. If there is a lack of self-worth the action of will will be distorted. Either the will will be collapsed when the being feels a lack of worth. Why would you try when you don’t deserve anything anyways?

Or if there is a distortion in self-valuing – where the being feels they are more important than anyone else – this creates an imbalance in valuing too. The paths and worth of others will be trampled in order for one to act.

Either of these patterns are distortions and of course there are many more possibilities.

Our essence can bring will forces and self-valuing into balance so that right action can take place. When you are acting from true self-love, true self-valuing, no inappropriate or grasping action could take place. All action will be balanced in right knowing of the greater understanding of all your energy centers, and in the sureness of the flow of the greater energy system you inhabit.

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