Gigantea Rose


Gigantea Rose Flower Essence encourages the opening of the heart field so you can be guided in your actions by your most compassionate and radiant nature.

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Gigantea Rose | Flower Essence | Radiant Heart

Pronunciation: ji-gan-TEE-uh

Botanical Name: Rosa odorata var. gigantea

Family: Rosaceae
Gigantea Rose flower essence fact sheet

Message from Gigantea Rose Flower Essence:

The information we wish to impart to you today is this – to seize each moment in a state of compassion for others, and in doing so, open your heart fields even wider and spread this energy to the world. For as we grow here, ever ready to expand outwards we radiate this heart field energy. This energy flows out in waves, undiminished by great distances. Wherever we grow, we are always radiating out this energetic signal, which joins in and reverberates with others of us out in the world. 

It is a harmonic question of how we generate signals. This does not need to make sense to you, it is enough to spend time in our field to gain the imprint of our song. This song can sustain in the darkest of times and give succor to those who have suffered great losses.

The expansion of the heart forces is a deeply healing action. For the heart in constant contraction fails to take up nutrients for rejuvenation and repair. The heart must be a living organism – must flow with the life force driving the entire organism. If it does not, there are negative consequences for the being as a whole, and long life will not be achieved.

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