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Clarity, Or How To Hear The Still Small Voice

flower essence for clarity

The topic of clarity has been top of mind lately for me, and I’m seeing it playing out in my clients’ experiences as well. We all are renegotiating our lives, deciding what parts of our old lives we want to continue, and what to leave behind.

For some, the year plus of relative isolation was a partial blessing, in that they discovered their lives had become filled with obligations that drained them. And some have rediscovered the joy of spending time in community. Everyone I talk with is exploring the balance point between their old and new life.

I’ve been actively considering which of the social and business activities I really miss and want to continue, and which ones I was grateful to no longer see show up on my schedule. Creative work is a little easier to find time for – although, alas, not easier to actually sit down to do.

In all of this I’m trying to listen to the inner voice and hear what is really being called for, what I am here to do, and what is just noise.

Whenever I hear the dreaded “should” in the message, I know I can give it less weight, as my higher self never deals in social guilt. But, sometimes the clarity of what is a true message and what is mind chatter can be hard to determine.

And I also watch for my (totally normal and human) reaction to avoid that which is challenging, something asking me to stretch and grow. Just because I feel uncomfortable does not mean it is something to be avoided. The tension of approaching a threshold, and taking that first step into the new, will always feel a little terrifying and that is to be embraced.

We will always be growing, as long as we are here in these bodies. And we will always be awkward in our first steps trying out something new. Finding the humor in the awkward, and giving ourselves permission to not be perfect is a kindness we can extend for ourselves and our friends.

As I dance with this great “I don’t know”, and follow my path forward into an uncertain world, I am grateful to have the support of my flower essence allies. This issue of discernment, of hearing clearly the still small voice within, is where the flowers specialize.

Little Cerato flower essence for clarity
Blue Corydalis flower essence for inner knowing
Matsu Purple Sandalwood flower essence for a calm mind

When I consider this issue, the very first essence that comes to mind is Dr Bach’s Cerato. It is so precisely aligned with this topic, of connecting us to our inner knowing, that I reach for it again and again. I have the pleasure of growing this plant in my garden, and love to be reminded to listen to my guidance each time I pass by.

Two other blue flowers carry similar messages to Cerato. I have had the privilege of working with and creating an essence from a related species which I call Little Cerato. It has a wispier, more ethereal growth habit and tiny pale blue flowers. The essence has a quality of helping you connect to your higher self and the angelic realm, while staying firmly grounded in your body.

Blue Corydalis is an essence I reach for all the time in my client practice. This essence helps you reconnect to your purpose and path, and builds your sense of trust as you walk into the unknown. In this moment of emergence, the unknown seems to be the only thing we can see, and still we are all being called to engage in stepping forward.

Sometimes the difficulty in hearing our inner voice comes from the noise all around us. We are bombarded with prompts, messages, and the voices of others at every turn. One of my favorite essences to help tune out the chatter is Matsu Purple Sandalwood. Even saying the name slows me down, and helps me connect into my senses. As an essence, it connects you to the present moment, allowing you to have an experience of spaciousness and calm, a place where you can hear yourself think.

I hope you can connect into your inner voice, and to hear clearly what you are being called to do. And if you need help, a consultation and custom formula may be just the thing for you. I’d love to help connect you to the healing Nature can offer.

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Three Flower Essences to Enhance Your Intuition

Blue Corydalis Flower Essence

Many people think intuition is just for the spiritually gifted. Rare, special, and somebody who is not you.

I disagree completely.

I see intuition as a completely natural part of life, something that is normal and accessible to everyone. It is something that absolutely everyone has and can tap into, a simple skill that can be developed.

One of the definitions of intuition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is:

the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

This definition shows the basic assumption that the only thought or understanding is coming from “rational thought” – i.e. the brain. This notion is outdated. In 1991, neurocardiologist Dr J Andrew Armour introduced the term “heart brain” after his discovery of the complex and intrinsic nervous system in the heart. The heart is in two way communication with the brain, and is able to make its own decisions. There is also research to indicate the presence of intelligence in the digestive system as well.

Our cultural bias that values only the intelligence and reasoning power of the brain is missing valuable information and insight that comes from the intelligence centers of our bodies. But how can we learn to connect to and develop our facility with this type of intelligence?

I teach many of my clients a simple way to start connecting with the intelligence of their bodies. It is a type of kinesiology, or muscle testing, that can help you get a basic yes/no answer from your body. Once you learn what a yes or no feels like in your body, you can start to develop more awareness of the signals your body uses to communicate with you.

Flower essences can also assist you in attuning to your intuition by helping you quiet your mind, become more receptive to the wisdom in your heart, and develop trust in your insights.

Working with flower essences and the intelligence in Nature can help you connect to your natural intuitive gifts.

Three Flower Essences to Enhance Intuition

Corydalis linstowiana flower essence

Blue Corydalis flower essence is one of my favorite essences to help you connect to your intuition. The trick to understanding the reality of intuition is to realize that it is not a constant stream of information, instead coming in flashes and moments of insight. The challenge is to integrate these bursts, trust in the information, and take appropriate and sustained actions to follow the guidance. Learning to trust what you have received, and holding the knowing so you can act is the gift of Blue Corydalis flower essence.

Alnus japonica flower essence

Japanese Alder flower essence is another essence I reach for to help a client develop trust in herself. This tree helps you develop courage and quiets self-doubt. The essence gives a deeply rooted and grounded quality, helping ease the chatter in the mind and settling into the wisdom and connectedness of the body.

Ceratostima minus flower essence

Little Cerato flower essence is helpful for connecting to the higher self, the guiding spirit of your life. The essence helps you maintain a grounded connection to your body as you open to higher realms of intelligence. This little blue flower reminds you of your connection to Source, and helps you shift your perspective from separateness to unity.