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Shillong Rose | Strengthen Your Connection to Purpose

Shillong Rose Flower Essence – a partner to strengthen your connection to purpose

I’ve been reflecting on Shillong Rose as it bloomed so abundantly this spring. This lovely rose has been a source of inspiration as I work to share the message of the healing qualities of Nature and the benefits of flower essences. The Shillong Rose flower essence is an excellent partner for anyone who is immersed in the creative process and making the consistent effort required to accomplish any extended project. This flower essence strengthens your connection to purpose, maintaining your awareness of the big picture vision even as you slog through the hard work of making it happen.

Developing a New Flower Essence

deep red stems on the Shillong Rose flower essence

In the process of co-creating a new flower essence I compile information and observations from a variety of perspectives, as well as my own experiences of taking the essence. Once I have developed a basic understanding of the essence, I look for further insights in the reflections of clients and other practitioners who use the essence.

Observing the Form

One of the ways of understanding the qualities of a flower essence is to observe the form of the plant. I closely observe the way it grows, the rhythm of life as it moves through the seasons of the year. Each element I notice enriches my understanding of the qualities of this particular species, and helps to differentiate what may, at first glance, seem to be similar plants.

The Shillong Rose (Rosa longicuspis) shows an extremely vigorous habit of growth. Like so many of the Chinese species roses, it grows exuberantly as a vining shrub. The grouping of roses where I made the flower essence is roughly the size of a minivan. This rose is not shy about taking up space.

It is worth noting the appearance of the canes and prickles. The deep red color is prominent, especially in wintertime. Unlike most roses, the Shillong maintains foliage year round. The deep green color and shiny surface sets off the bright white flowers in spring and the coral hips in fall and winter. Each cane rises strongly, but is easily able to adapt and bend to accommodate where ever it is growing.

The Chinese Medicine Perspective

Overall, the picture of the Shillong Rose is resonant with the Wood element of Chinese Medicine. The strength and forcefulness of growth is tempered with fluidity of movement. Each cane rises strongly, but is easily able to adapt and bend to accommodate where ever it is growing.

deep red color of the canes of the Shillong Rose flower essence

This flower essence has a natural affinity to the psyche of the Liver, the Hun. The Hun is the energy that helps us to push, to create and design our lives the way we wish. It is forceful, with purpose. The Liver is regarded as the general, the one who thinks strategically and plans for success. According to Pablo Noriega in his book Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, “When in balance, Hun gives us direction for planning our lives, which, seen from a transcendental perspective, implies finding a way to carry out our own life’s purpose.”

Attunement with the Shillong Rose

When I make an essence, I open to the spirit of the plant in a process called attunement. This process gives me insight into the qualities of the flower essence, and I ask the plant for a message. Over the years, I reconnect with the plant and receive additional information and further levels of understanding as to use.

Our red stems indicate an aspect of bloodedness – deep passionate rooting, drawing life and nourishment from the earth herself. For without grounding, all will fail. To be fully grounded and nourished by the life beneath you – this is important. In whatever way each one draws life, in the way appropriate for the individual biology – drawing life, thanking life, giving gratitude for the daily gifts the planet gives – these are all deeply nourishing, both to body and to spirit.

One of the elements the Shillong Rose impressed on me was the aspect of time, that planning and work efforts take place within the framework of time as it unfolds. We can be very impatient that our desires are not coming to fruition right away. The flower essence encourages us to keep going, to keep working, and to trust that all is unfolding in proper time.