Uplift Roll-On


Are you feeling dull, down, dreary?
Do you have a case of the blahs?

Uplift Acupoint Roll-on elevates your mood and lifts your spirits. It is perfect for times when you need to finish a tiresome task or find enthusiasm for the job ahead. Apply to skin, breathe in, and reset your mood for a brighter day.


Uplift Acupoint Roll-On

Enjoy the benefits of two forms of botanical healing – the immediate delight and beauty of essential oils with the deep healing and transformative potential of flower essences.

Only the highest quality pure essential oils are used in the creation of Flora of Asia Roll-Ons, carefully designed to support the energetic characteristics of the flower essence blend, enveloping you in beautiful pure scent and bringing you the pleasure of simply being.

The essential oil blend in Uplift:

Ginger invigorates your mind and counters mental exhaustion
Rosewood Leaf lifts depression and steadies your overwrought nerves
Melissa restores clarity of mind and lifts your spirits
Rose Geranium reduces stress and worries, promoting a sense of well being
Ylang Ylang creates relaxation and induces a sense of joy

The Flora of Asia flower essences in Uplift:

Balloon Flower – gives a lift when life is feeling dense and heavy
Gigantea Rose – opens the heart in compassion, helping you find the joy in connecting with the world
Hope of Spring Magnolia – encourages full embodiment so you can really be present and engaged in life
Japanese Anemone – lifts the spirits so you can see your situation with a sense of adventure
Yunnan Camellia – lifts the blues, offers a sense of optimism and hope

Each flower essence in this blend harmonizes to create an energetic framework to elevate your mood, lift your spirits, and shift your attitude. Like a good friend, Nature is ready to offer a hand up when you are feeling down.

How to Use Flora of Asia Acupoint Roll-Ons

Roll on to acupressure points or over chakras. Take a moment to breathe, and feel the benefits of Nature’s healing.
For topical use only, avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in