Giant Burnet


Giant Burnet Flower Essence is a deeply calming essence that releases heat and aggravation from the body. Soothes the heart and eases a nervous stomach.


Giant Burnet | Flower Essence | Deeply Calming

Botanical Name: Sanguisorba officinalis

Family: Rosaceae

Giant Burnet flower essence fact sheet

Message from Giant Burnet Flower Essence

Our gift is of peaceful harmony with one’s surroundings. For hustle and bustle are always around you, but you can have peace within it. Peace is an internal sensation, not from without. Certainly peaceful environments can stimulate the peace that is always within you, but the important thing to realize is that it is always within. The urge to control one’s environment is one that can cause much distress. The only environment one can truly control is the one within. Radiate peace and joy, and it will be attracted to you externally. 

This daily, even moment by moment, decision to embrace the still, serene center, will bring many benefits. The pressure of the blood system will be appropriately reduced, and the acidity of all the tissues will be moderated. This acidity, caused in part by stressful living, is most unbalanced and does not lead to a long, healthy life. It is turning on premature aging systems, and is not beneficial. 

Be still, allow our healing gift to enfold you. The stilling of anxious thought forms is a primary effect of our action. We aid you in connecting to the present moment, in connecting to the reality of now. The mind constantly spins off, telling stories, creating inner untrue experiences. It is a valuable tool, but like all tools, must be used with skill. A tool can cause damage if wielded unconsciously and haphazardly.

Our essence can serve to calm and focus the mind where it has lost the guidance of the spirit.

The state you experience in our presence (and through the essence) is profoundly restorative. It will aid in soothing an overwrought nervous system.

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