Job’s Tears


Job’s Tears flower essence helps you maintain awareness of the present moment while avoiding distraction.


Job’s Tears | Flower Essence | Present Awareness

Botanical Name: Coix lacryma-jobi

Family: Poaceae

Message from Job’s Tears Flower Essence

Many years ago, our form received a name by which it is now known. This name is a description of deep and prolonged suffering. We do not cause this, or affiliate with it – but we do, and can, take part in the alleviation of suffering.

One beginning step to alleviate suffering is to maintain an awareness of the present. This clear awareness dissuades distraction. Distractions are all around you, within you, and always will be. Our essence can aid to hold the focus on your intended area and offer greater clarity and undistorted message.

There is a constancy to our essence, our vibration. It holds you in the unflinching truth, to what is real, in front of you, that which needs to be addressed. There are no wishy washy qualities, no soft accommodation. There is a great flexibility to our growth, and a great amount of movement, directed growth, and vitality. But the core of it all is this solid, dark, and unbending circle or orb that is our seed. This is the truth of our existence, that which is our beginning and ending.

We are an aid in focusing. This is a skill – to learn to notice the apparent distraction a moment after it arises, then realize it as a distraction and letting it go. Even more than letting it go, it is about recognizing it for what it is, a desire to avoid, to distract, that keeps one from using one’s attention in the way that is desired.

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