Hollyleaf Sweetspire


Creates and holds a space for us to remember past patterns in order to heal them completely.

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Hollyleaf Sweetspire | Flower Essence | Review and Integration

Botanical Name: Itea illicifolia

Family: Iteaceae

Message from Hollyleaf Sweetspire Flower Essence

We bring an upliftment to the center of your being, your heart space. Our energy creates a spaciousness, a calm that affords you the possibility of maintaining peace, no matter how chaotic your outer circumstances may be.

The first thing to keep in mind about our action is the inherent multiplicity of our energetic. Our flower form is clear signal within a vast harmonic of many signals.

The second element is one of color. The green color of any flower is always indicative of bringing energy back to the original impulse. The soul has a purpose to incarnate, has a definite intention to experience. This clear signal can often be distorted. Now this distortion is not inappropriate. It is part of the process. But, recalibration of the process is also essential.
We are the recalibration essence. We aid in reflection, review of experience, and integration of the lessons. The review takes place from the soul perspective. From this perspective, the soul can coordinate current trajectory and adjust accordingly.

When the integration of lesson has taken place, the next step in the healing journey can proceed. Our energetic gift is to create this space, and to stabilize the reflection, review, and integration process in order for this soul to calibrate truly to fulfill the intention for incarnation.

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