Henry’s Lily


Gentle support to restore embodiment and a sense of safety for those who were treated harshly.


Henry’s Lily | Flower Essence | Safe in the Body

Botanical Name: Lilium henryi

Family: Liliaceae

Message from Henry’s Lily Flower Essence

Our energies are best utilized when the being has been assaulted by a force, that has damaged the sense of self as a sovereign being. This sense develops naturally as a part of the maturation and natural separation from the mother. But at any point the process of recognizing one’s uniqueness and individuality can be disrupted by a shocking event or personality, robbing a fragile growth of its vigor.
We point out our ability to thrive in a mixed situation, where our base is shaded and protected, and our top extends to where there is light and freedom. In this way, we rely on the structures of our fellow inhabitants. This deeply cooperative interplay allows all to flourish.
So, recognize our discussion of individuality is always in the framework of the support of community.

So our healing is matched with gentleness. A trauma that threatens the sense of self is a profound pain, that of a type of annihilation. If a being is flowering into existence, and is harshly treated, the will to live can be impacted. A loss of shen is certainly a result. Much time can pass, even a lifetime, that this may not be repaired. The being may walk an entire life in these reduced circumstances.
We offer a gentle, nurturing presence that allows confidence to emerge, a rebuilding of self to occur.

Our essence helps to rebuild trust in others, in the positive impact and benefits of being in community. We encourage engagement in one’s community – seeing the value and benefit that comes from interacting and belonging.

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