Himalayan Chestnut


Himalayan Chestnut Flower Essence is useful when your thoughts and worries over how things should be are cycling through your mind. This essence helps lift your perspective and find kindness and compassion for the situation and for yourself.


Himalayan Chestnut | Flower Essence | Easing Worry

Botanical Name: Aesculus indica

Family: Hippocastanaceae
Himalayan Chestnut flower essence fact sheet

Message from Himalayan Chestnut Flower Essence

For non-loving thoughts are often coming from a place of ego-involvement, a frustrated will. With a little help, you can bring these thoughts into the heart, to be processed through the awareness of the love beneath – the love for the being, the relationship, even compassion for the difficulty of others.

Whenever your thoughts circle, allow them to be encompassed by the greater forces of the heart, and realize all your highest intentions are for the greatest force, which is love. Truly, nothing else is important.

We hold a different energy of mental clarity than you have experienced with other plants or essences. Our version is clarity with many seemingly disparate view points.

There is always a great deal going on, many elements competing for attention. We help you choose which ones are truly of benefit to you. We aid in clarity, to discern which ideas and thought processes to tap into that will most benefit you and your growth. Extraneous thoughts, intrusive influences can all be discarded, not needed for your purposes.

We can help you focus no matter the distraction.

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