Goldenrain Tree


Goldenrain Tree Flower Essence creates rays of connection to others, enhancing learning and social connections. It supports the increase of knowledge and understanding through inter-connectedness. This essence shows the way to heartful and meaningful relationships.


Goldenrain Tree | Flower Essence | Connection

Botanical Name: Koelreuteria paniculata

Family: Sapindaceae

Goldenrain Tree flower essence fact sheet

Message from the Goldenrain Tree Flower Essence

Our primary mission is to increase knowledge and understanding. This takes place by linking with all other beings who come into contact. This web of connection allows us to ever expand in learning – for all learning ripples back to us on these connections. More prosaically, this propensity can be transferred to others through our essence. It can enhance your ability to make meaningful contacts and deeper connection with all facets of life. You see how this can be useful – it is a symptom of your time that people are becoming every more “connected” but still hunger for closeness and contact. Paradox, is it not? For this situation comes about through contacts that are not meaningful on deeper levels – the contact is utterly superficial. This gives the illusion of connection, but the heart and soul is missing. We can help show the way back to a heart connection. Once one becomes more meaningful in his contacts, he will feel more urged and courageous in creating more, new contacts.

There is indeed the organizing intelligence that creates our form in this plane of existence. But there are also myriad other forms in concert to offer the wisdom and insight you seek. It is always a team effort. So now you can understand that we work together with other cooperative intelligences in order to act with you in this way.

It is the way of nature to cooperate with many beings. For the drives of life, that oblige certain activities, such as flowering, come from us as an individual force. This flowering comes from the ideas of creativity, and is indeed a sole creation. But the actual flowering process causes the coordination of many forces, all working together. The flowering does not happen in a vacuum.

The creative impulse does come from the single point – but then it becomes impacted and subject to other forces as it comes into form.

In the case of the flowers, there would be no point to flower (in our case) without the bees to pollinate. Without them, the flowering would be for naught – few or no seeds would result. So, in order for creation to mature, other forces will act on the creation and cause subtle but important alterations in the finished item, or even in our case, the process.

These effects are part of a balanced creation. There is the preconception that the best or purest result will come from a sole actor – but this is not the case. There are always other forces in action, separation is truly an illusion.

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