Schima Flower Essence provides peace and solace in times of turmoil.  The calming and nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine gives the experience of grace during stressful circumstances.


Schima | Flower Essence | Peace

Pronunciation: SHIM-uh

Botanical Name:  Schima argentea

Family: Theaceae
Schima flower essence fact sheet

Message from Schima Flower Essence

Our healing ability is one of grace and peace with circumstances. We have the gift of peace while life rushes around us, busy, busy. We sit in peace while this goes on, always ready to give our gift of grace and peace to those who seek it.

Please take time to restore yourself and call on us often in your efforts to do so. For restoration is not a source of effort – it is a natural reflex all beings have and must use. Learn from the wisdom of the seasons – there are times for work, and times for rest. Note how there is equality in the system. The more intense the working season, the more “downtime” is needed. In plants this is also so. The plants that grow and flower so exuberantly are also the ones who go back to the earth for the resting cycle.

Our essence is one of peace within challenging circumstances. For challenge is a given on your plane, and ours. Seek not deliverance from challenge – for this is not the way of true growth. Seek instead to find peace and harmony within seeming disruption. The disruption you so dislike and avoid is the very engine of your progress. It is well known that growth is always accompanied by discomfort. The discomfort can be viewed as a gift. If you can alter your perspective and see the challenge as a gift from spirit, you will go far to relieve the stress of your next step of growth. 

In the space of calmness, right action can be taken. In a frantic state of spirit it is essentially impossible to choose the wise course. Pause, regain your center, then resume your action. 

For there are many ramifications to acting in a routine state of tension, fear, anxiety. This state has detrimental effects on the physical structure of the body. The effects are not limited to any one organ system, but have broadly negative effects.

The extensive abuse of stimulants in your culture has a negative effect on your right function. The caffeine, in particular, can be used to override natural signaling to slow down, to restore. There is an overall restoration deficit in the culture at large. Our essence is of benefit to those who wish to regain their natural balance of energy levels.

The aspect of overstimulation we wish to address now is of the state of hyper alertness caused by stimulants. For some, this state seems to signal safety. That is – when the nervous system or nervous array is running at high levels, high alert – some beings will read this as a sense of safety. They will feel no one or no thing can approach them unawares. However, this is a false type of security, and cannot be sustained. You know the effects of this over running of the system as adrenaline burnout. It depletes the body mercilessly.

The essence can (slowly, over time) retrain the nervous system of the one who has been operating in the agitated stimulated state. Once they have overcome their resistance (and there is likely to be great resistance to change – for it has seemed to work for them always, and kept them safe and successful) and acknowledged the destructive nature of this state, then can our essence be used to help reset the system.

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