Fish Mint


An essence to aid with rebuilding processes after life disruptions such as moving, changes or losses. Helps the first stage of healing and stabilizing.

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Fish Mint | Flower Essence | Primary Stabilization

Botanical Name: Houttunyia cordata

Family: Saururaceae

Message from Fish Mint Flower Essence

It was many generations ago when our kind partnered with yours to alleviate imbalance. Our eager colonization of ground shows you our ability to work in areas that have been out of balance. We create an energetic bandage over empty space.
Our energies are such that act quickly in a crisis, allowing other energies to build more slowly over time.

Use our essence to aid in the rebuilding process. In the times there are great disruptions – move, loss, change – our energies will create a temporary sort of stability as the healing and deeper rooting take place more slowly. In this way we act as a bandage or splint – to aid in the primary, urgent healing and stabilization process.

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