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Matsu Purple Sandalwood flower essence

As time goes by, I like to revisit each plant and gain more insight into the essence. This message is from an attunement earlier this month. Slowing down and appreciating the moment is certainly always a valuable thing to remember.

Our essence can aid those who have need of peace. There is so much stimulation in your realm, and your lives seem so hurried. It is wise to keep in mind that this is all but an illusion, and not truly accurate. Perhaps it is more clear to think of it as a construct, a vehicle or medium in which your experience is processed. For the establishment of your incarnation seems to proceed along a line – you see the progression of your life in an unbroken linearity. Through the mutually accepted lens of these all around you, you form an agreed upon reality. Do not mistake this agreement for absolute truth. It is simply a lens that allows you to process and understand your experiences.
So, our essence addresses this mystery – how can you create more spaciousness within your linear experience? Your physicists can tell you time is not absolute – there is considerable “wiggle room” you have not tapped into. Paradoxically, you can have far greater experience of enhanced time when you slow down. Let us clarify, going faster, doing more, acting from an adrenalized state – none of these things will achieve your goal. In fact, it will be quite the opposite, for you will subjectively experience less time, as well as shortening your incarnation in years by burning your system prematurely. This state is surely contrary to the goal.
Therefore, offer yourself the gift of time. The essence can create greater awareness of the spaciousness you already have, and truly lengthen the perceived and actual time you have.
Take time to relish your experiences. These moments of appreciation will go far to reset your physical clock, enhancing your health and slowing down your aging.

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Formosa Lily – bloom sequence photos

Formosa Lily flower essence

The Formosa Lily (Lilium formosanum) shows a remarkable signature in the way the flower blooms.  The buds form upright, then reflex downwards as they mature.  The buds then rise again to bloom outwards like trumpets.  Once the bloom has finished the seed pod develops pointing upwards again.

This cycle reminds me of a sun salutation.  Sitting with the plant, I am told the essence is for bringing cycles of healing to completion – in becoming fully aware of the issue to be healed, bringing it into the light of awareness, and allowing that light to penetrate and heal.

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The Lady Banks’ Rose

Lady Banks' rose flower essence

I was drawn to attune with the Lady Banks’ Rose last week.  Each time I attune with a plant I receive a clearer picture of the healing qualities of the essence.  This time was no exception….

For there are a great many experiences that cause a wound to be delivered to the heart.  It is a most delicate organ, and conversely also the strongest.  It is the seat of your experiences on this plane, and the focus point for all the relationships you tend.

For the heart is the frontier in most need of healing.  When you do so, you can be more conscious of the hearts of others, and bring ever greater healing to the planet as a whole.

For this is truly the point.  All the wounding to the hearts of the world – these are the wounds most in need of healing.  For healing on this level creates the greatest positive force, it changes the vibration of the human experience.  It is the ones who are most wounded that contain the next phase of wounding.

Now, to the use of our essence.

It is highly useful in cases where the wound to the heart was a result of shaming.  For the experience of being shamed shuts down the 3rd and 4th chakras together.  The identity of the one shamed becomes tainted with the idea that they are not good, impure, damaged somehow.  This is wildly untrue, but can come to reside deeply in the beliefs.  So, if one feels this way, how could they possibly love?  Because love is first opened as a force to nourish one’s own heart – only then can it open out and feed others.

We use the term feed intentionally – for love is as, and even more, important than physical nutrients.  The circumstances of the infant who does not thrive due to lack of loving contact is a case in point.  In the adult human it may take years (even a lifetime) for the lack of heart nourishment to take their life – but this is indeed what will happen.  Therefore, this is the most important wound to heal.  It is primary, a primary force, in the human organism.  Without it, the body is but a husk, a shell, that withers and dies.

Be of good cheer.  The rejuvenating capacity of the heart will astonish you.  You have seen the plants of the desert, shriveled and withered, lasting years without moisture.  When the nourishing rain comes they pop right back into full life.  It can happen at any time – the nourishing qualities of love and the heart can heal even the most desperately deprived.