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Video – How to choose a flower essence

This video shows you an easy way to determine which flower essence is a good energetic match for you. A type of kinesiology, body dowsing is simple to learn and can be used anytime.
I learned this handy technique from one of my teachers, David Dalton of Delta Gardens, and love to share this empowering way to find out what your body has to say.

How to do body dowsing:

  1. Select a few flower essences you think might be right for you, but you just aren’t sure.
  2. Pick up one at a time. Stand in a balanced posture, with hips and knees unlocked.
  3. Put one hand holding the bottle over your heart, and fold the other hand over it so you are in a balanced posture.
  4. Exhale, close your eyes (if you are in a place where you can), and feel your body’s movement.

Typically, a “Yes” is a forward sway, and a “No” is a backward motion. It can be subtle, so it is worthwhile to have a friend stand beside you to watch and report. Once you are accustomed to your body’s response you will be able to tell right away.

When you are testing different flower essences you may notice different levels of yes and no – for instance your body may say “YES!” or “that’s ok” with a strong forward movement or slight movement with two different flower essences. These variations can help you determine which are the most important flower essences for you at any given time.

I have noticed sometimes the body will sway from side to side, usually this is the body saying “meh”, just OK, not really needed.

What to do if you can’t get a clear answer from body dowsing:

  1. Drink some water. If you are dehydrated, it can keep you from getting clear answers from your body.
  2. Take your shoes off and put your bags down. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes that put you out of balance it may disrupt the process. Also, you may be subtly bracing your body if you are wearing a backpack or holding a bag.
  3. Ask a friend for help. Your body’s reactions may be very subtle and hard for you to feel. Take a little break, then try again with one flower essence at a time. Exhale, close your eyes, and relax as best you can so your body can take charge. Have your friend standing beside you, giving you space, and ask them to watch your body for movement.

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Video credit to Caroline Larrouilh, ProudHorse Connections.