Spiny Rhododendron


The Spiny Rhododendron helps rebuild a sense of safety that was not present in gestational experience, and helps the individual develop trust in the inherent goodness of the world.


Spiny Rhododendron | Flower Essence | Safe To Be Here

Botanical Name: Rhododendron spinuliferum

Family: Ericaceae

Message from Spiny Rhododendron Flower Essence

Those in need of our remedy are holding their wounds very closely, so others cannot see.

The red color we display is significant and connects to the 1st chakra associations.

There are many possible indications for our energies. First and foremost, our qualities are clearly differentiated from other Rhododendrons by the form of our flower. This tight petals held around the stamens and pistil, protect the womb (ovum) and the deepest nectar. This shielded quality gives protection to the earliest phases of incarnation, where the need for safety is profound and foundational to the ability to incarnate successfully.

The wound of perceived or actual danger at the gestational state creates effects that last far into the lifetime, even passing along multiple generations. 

Our essence can soften and ground this soul into the reality that the world is a safe place for them and they can begin to trust in the unfolding of life.

The expectation of goodwill from others will tend to be met in kind. When the wound is such that others are perceived to be hostile or dangerous it tends to reflect in kind. Healing this wound brings about far better flow and ease in the life.

We know well that there are circumstances where a life is indeed not safe, and threatened. However, these experiences must be addressed and healed for the ongoing health of the individual. Without a sense of the inherent goodness of the world, and the generalized good will of fellow inhabitants, the life will be stunted and routinely disrupted from expressing the life plan or expression.

We are not as applicable for post-birth traumas. Our expression speaks to the womb experience, the process of incarnation.

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