Yellow Catnip


Yellow Catnip Flower Essence rebalances and calms the nervous system while giving us a deeper understanding of the origins of stress. Learning to see stress as a disconnection from the right flow of our life, we begin to look for synchronicity and develop trust in Divine timing.


Yellow Catnip | Flower Essence | Calming Stress

Botanical Name: Nepeta govaniana

Family: Lamiaceae
Yellow Catnip flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yellow Catnip Flower Essence

Our family group is one of purifying energies, protective and throwing off disease or impurity. Specifically, in our case, we throw off impurity of identity. For any time you have a misconception within your ego state, it does not permit you to act with your perfect soul identity. These false concepts keep you from walking your true path in alignment. The concepts you have picked up along the way from your culture, your childhood, your experiences – you have absorbed influence from all these things. It is appropriate for you to have experienced these things, just not that you should internalize them as truth for your being. It is of great value to you to have varied and intense experiences, but part of your soul journey is to discover what is true for you as a distinct and individual soul. All else can be dropped away, as so many false concepts.

On a physical level, we can aid the body in releasing the false concept of absolute genetic inheritance. You each have the potential to have a clean slate of health. It is a matter of releasing the incomplete understanding of the genes you carry, for they are more a potential of your expression. The genes do not determine. The genes you carry are memories of your ancestors – you may tap into any of them, and choose what best serves your mission in this lifetime expression.

The remedy we created together can be used in multiple ways, and has the ability to be accessed in a variety of means. Used in the typical way, we are best used in cases of extreme stress. The stress burns the system, and our essence can help rebalance into equilibrium. Soothing and equalizing the electrical and nervous system is a primary mode of action.

And now we open the bigger discussion. Stress. For the most part, stress, as you experience it, is a disconnection from right flow with your life. There is a path to flow within all existences, and this can be navigated with attention. But when you work against the flow – you work against the greater forces in your life path. (the joke here is the greater forces are YOU!) You (as you commonly think of yourself, individual thought being, separate from the collective) are not in charge of creating the flow – you are in charge of riding it and allowing it to carry you where you need to go. When you forget this truth, you step out of the synchronicities you are creating for yourself. Life stops working smoothly and easily – and you experience stress. Stress is a sign to slow down, relocate your flow point – and then resume. Fighting to maintain a static position against the flow creates great stress.

Our healing gift can be summarized as being one with uncertainty. While all around seems to be in chaos – remember that all is formless before it comes into form. And all forms shift, change, morph, die and are reborn. It is but an illusion the human carries that something may be permanent. Nothing can be further from the truth. All you see – the entire realm of the physical – is utterly impermanent. How could it be otherwise? For all is matter, and matter is in a constant state of transformation. It is illusory to see a rock as static, for it is truly a hive of activity. The molecules constantly shift, connecting with other molecules, energies shift and communicate all the time.

We certainly see how you might think otherwise, but don’t misperceive your concept of “reality” as truth. For you are seeing it from but one perspective. There are innumerable other, equally valid perspectives. 

Use our energies to assist in clearing the mind of chatter that is inconsequential. Like your radio, you have to listen to but one station at a time – otherwise headache and confusion ensue.

Next, we can help one in finding true clarity of purpose. When you clean out a drawer, you can create piles of trash, useful items, so forth. We can act this way to aid in clarifying what in your mind (or life) is truly useful, and what can be easily discarded.

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