How to make a Flower Essence Dosage Bottle

How to make a flower essence dosage bottle: prepare a one ounce glass dropper bottle filled with 3/4 pure water and 1/4 brandy. Add two drops of each individual flower essence to this bottle. You may wish to work with a few different flowers in your bottle, but it is highly recommended to limit your selections to fewer than five. Many practitioners, myself included, create far larger and more complex formulas for our clients, but there is an art to it and for those making their own formulas it is better to keep things simpler.

The single flower essences from the Flora of Asia are all bottled at the stock dilution. They may be used by following the directions on the label, taken 2 drops 2-4 times a day. This is a good way to work with your essence for a short term issue,  but if you are taking an essence for a longer term or ongoing challenge you may wish to make a dosage bottle as describe above. A dosage bottle makes it easy to take multiple essences and have available a custom formula for extended use.

The ideal is to create a clear intention of the issue you are seeking help with, and select essences to work directly with this issue. Trying to solve every life challenge in one formula does not work well and overloads the system with too much information to process. In this process you will do best to “make haste slowly”. Working with deep soul issues takes time and is an organic process. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself, and to treat yourself with kindness.

Alternatives for those with alcohol sensitivities, or for use with animals, are available. You may preserve a dosage bottle by making up a one ounce bottle with 1/2 pure water and 1/2 vegetable glycerin. This works very well when making a formula for children and animals. The downside to this preservative is you cannot use the formula topically (in addition to taking internally) or you will have a sticky mess.

You can also make up a dosage bottle with only pure water and keep it in your refrigerator or a cool place. The bottle will be fresh for about a week, after that time discard and make the formula again fresh.