Tiger Lily


Tiger Lily Flower Essence supports you to speak up and express yourself fully. When you can engage in challenging interactions you avoid bottling up difficult emotions and can allow your emotions to flow freely and appropriately.


Tiger Lily | Flower Essence | Emotional Expression

Botanical Name: Lilium lancifolium

Family: Liliaceae

Message from Tiger Lily Flower Essence

Our essence is suited to support the full expression of the feminine spirit. All sides of her are included in this – from the most gentle to the most forceful. It is an illusion that there is a quality that should be excluded in this.

We can help clear distortions in the full and free flow of emotions that are hampered by cultural restrictions. Any energy that cannot flow will stagnate, and there is much in your history regarding the female that does not permit full and healthy expression of the spirit.

Let us share with you more detail. We are not “about anger” or about any other emotion. What we are “about” is the restoration of flow of emotion/energy that has been restricted. This is a most common circumstance, and most common among those who have lesser privileges.

It is not pathological to have conflict. Indeed it can be a sign or precursor to growth. Through conflict, and the expression of the harder emotions, greater understanding can arise. This is a common process, and it is helpful to avoid making it wrong or a problem. The avoidance of this process is more problematic as it does not allow the energies to flow appropriately. Our essence can help you actively engage in this necessary form of communication.

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