Helps you create a safe haven within, grounded in your body and protected by the benevolence of Nature.


Safe | The Wound of Abandonment |Flower Essence Formula

Safe Flower Essence for abandonment – This formula eases feelings of vulnerability and helps you create a safe haven within, grounded and protected by Nature.

Safe Flower Essence Formula may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • worried
  • anxious
  • vulnerable
  • insecure
  • frightened
  • ungrounded

Flower Essences in Safe

  • Delavay’s Tree Peony – an essence of grounding and restoration
  • Great Saint John’s Wort – learning to face that which frightens you, allowing your fear to dissipate
  • Hope of Spring Magnolia – connects you to the joy of being embodied so you can embrace the adventure of life
  • Purple Sage – feeling safe through your connection to the wise oversight of Nature
  • Round Leaf Vitex – encourages centeredness and relaxation, to moderate the false belief that your inherent value comes only from being busy or productive
  • Yulan Magnolia – eases tension and helps breath to flow, enables the spirit to rest in the body

Suggested Healing Intentions for Healing Abandonment

I am safe in the home of my body.
The benevolence of Nature protects me.
I allow my fears to flow through me, knowing I am safe and protected.
My life is full of fun adventures.
I take healthy risks and expand my zone of experiences.

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