Purple Sage


Flower Essence for Protection: Purple Sage Flower Essence is a cleansing and highly protective energy that “throws off” non-serving energies.  Allows one to carry the full soul energy in the physical body without distraction from outside energies.


Purple Sage | Flower Essence | Protection

Flower Essence for Protection: Purple Sage Flower Essence is a cleansing and highly protective energy that “throws off” non-serving energies.  Allows one to carry the full soul energy in the physical body without distraction from outside energies.

Botanical Name: Salvia przewalksii var przewalskii

Family: Lamiaceae
Purple Sage flower essence fact sheet

Message from Purple Sage Flower Essence

If a person is to take our essence, several effects may be noted. The primary effect is that one feels a deeper sense of privacy, no matter how much outside stimulus there may be. You will find you can connect to your greater self as easily in the remote wilderness as on a crowded airplane. The connection is always there, no matter your circumstances. It is your perception of it that differs. However, the degree of clarity of connection depends on the clarity of the individual connecting. 

The second area of influence relates to the difficulty noted above. For before a clear connection can be made to higher self, the groundwork of self knowledge must be laid. Our essence can aid in this process. The “throwing off” energy will aid in the release of outdated thoughts, beliefs and fixed or trained notions of how one should be, think, act and interact with the world. We invite you to partner with us and use our essence to release ideas you wish to remove from your patterning. Everything but what is true can be freely released.

The essence is used to facilitate communication between self and higher self, self and other, self and other beings. The point is – the clarity of the channel between two beings is the issue here. When one recipient of communication receives the message with layers of his own interpretation along with it, the message becomes highly distorted. Use of our essence can release and clear the distortions, on both sides of the message.

The concept of privacy is next on the agenda. You view privacy as the matter of excluding outside influence. As you are seeing in your world – the technology today makes this an illusion. The fact is, all can be known. Secrets can no longer be kept. This is appropriate for your world now in it’s stage of development.

Now, what is privacy in truth? When you are in the garden do you feel privacy? Are you kidding? Living beings surround you everywhere – the attention of multiple conscious energies is always upon you. Do you you feel differently now?

So – the notion of privacy illustrates the fallacy of human illusion – the illusion that you can ever be alone, that what you do can ever be in secret. This has never been the case.  As they say, “get over it”.

So, we redefine the concept of privacy. Now, there is always a space for beings to be in solitude, allowed to do whatever inner work they wish without input from unwanted forces. The outside (word used with some level of amusement – the lines of demarcation outer/inner/not me are more fluid than we think) influences can always be called upon to aid in the process, but they remain at the ready and will not engage until the individual asks.

So, we refine the description of privacy. Now we see it as a state where unwanted contribution is not made. This is quite different from the illusion that you are alone. It is more about respect of your free will. You choose if and when you would like assistance from other.

Now, we get to the point. In the world of humans, you may experience unsought attention from other humans. This is part of the construct in which you participate. On some level, you draw these attentions, even though you may fear and reject them. But, they are drawn in your direction for some reason. The reason is the question point here. Why would they be drawn?

Our essence can begin to clarify your field of the nodes (? this word is hard to find – more like thought forms or bits of karma? that are like pieces of a computer program that work beneath the surface out of the awareness of the conscious level) that attract the attention. In this way you will experience privacy from unwanted attention – it is more that the signaling stops drawing them in.

Our energies can aid you in stabilizing, keeping out of higher states of fear or catastrophic thinking. Your stability is needed. To shine the light of your being requires this. To submit to fear and powerlessness engages an entirely unhelpful dynamic, one which draws what you do not wish to experience.

So troubling as the larger picture may be, stay in your center and truth. You are wildly powerful, but only when you are connected to your greater self. The small self, the me who is engaged by the stories and narratives churning in the mass consciousness – these are designed to disconnect you from your power. They serve to enrich those who feed on this dynamic. It serves you not at all. 

So remember who you are. Call on us as an ally to help you strengthen this wise knowing. It will keep you from the distraction and waste of your energies this dynamic represents.

You can only give away your power, no one can take it from you.

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