Connect to your original innocence and the absolute purity of your true nature.


Innocent | The Wound of Shame | Flower Essence Formula

Innocent flower essence for shame – This formula helps you connect to your original innocence and the absolute purity of your true nature.

Innocent may be a good choice for you if you feel:

  • judged
  • self-critical
  • unimportant or insignificant
  • worthless or unattractive
  • there is something wrong with me
  • not good enough

Flower Essences in Innocent

  • Lady Banks’ Rose – cultivate self love and connect to your original innocence
  • Leichtlin’s Lily – helps you appreciate your uniqueness so you can love yourself exactly as you are
  • Sikkim Crabapple – releases the judgments and thoughts of others that you have unconsciously absorbed so you can see your true nature more clearly
  • Ussurian Pear – connects you to your original sense of purity, a deep knowing that your spirit and soul are inviolate
  • Wilmott’s Rose – a kind and loving presence to help you embrace your mistakes and imperfections as a learning experience, rather than becoming trapped in the voice of the inner critic
  • White Lily – helps you listen to your body, to trust your impulses towards pleasure that feed and nourish your body

Suggested Healing Intentions

I am perfect, whole and complete.
I am enough.
I call on the healing forces of Nature to help me love myself.
I embrace my mistakes as a learning experience, and recognize my true and Divine nature.
I affirm my Divine nature and the perfection of my spirit.

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