Indica Azalea


Indica Azalea is an important essence to heal wounding related to the early nurturing process, when basic needs were not met and a sense of safe and attuned care was not established.


Indica Azalea | Flower Essence | Safe Connectedness

Botanical Name: Rhododendron indicum

Family: Ericaceae

Message from Indica Azalea Flower Essence

Our primary healing quality is in creating a sense of warmth, physically and a sense of connectedness with others.

The sense of isolation, of being abandoned and alone – this is the feeling of imminent death. For you are a social being, and to be connected, to draw on the warmth and loving kindness of your family, is essential in all phases of life experience.

The emotional tone of a lifetime is often set in early experience. An experience of abandonment, of not having basic needs met in this phase – it is damaging and often carries forward both in the life experience of the individual, and even down the line of generations.

They are called needs because they are essential. Not wants, optional, nice to have, but actual needs. And the pain of not receiving that which is essential runs deeply.

Keep in mind that this wound cuts both ways. There has to be significant disruption in the bonding dynamic for the carer to tune out these important cues.

These broken dynamics occur during extreme stress or disorder such as wars or dislocation from home territory. And these disruptions can extend a long distance from the origin, replicating through generations.

Our energies reconnect the salutary bonding dynamic on both sides – the young one who has been neglected, and the carer who is indifferent.

Our essence is heavily weighted to restoring community bonds. Not simply mother/child, but all connections within a family or community. These bonds are essential to good function and harmony between members.

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