Yellow Jasmine


Yellow Jasmine Flower Essence teaches awareness of the natural resting cycles of your body and mind, and that you can be more sustainably productive if you work with them, rather than pushing yourself to do more.



Yellow Jasmine | Flower Essence | Resting Cycles

Botanical Name: Jasminum humile

Family: Oleaceae
Yellow Jasmine flower essence fact sheet

Message from Yellow Jasmine Flower Essence

It is in the warmth of the day that the tendency for the human to nap, to rest after the efforts of the morning. This natural process is something to honor, not something to be considered wasteful of time.

This wisdom is rich in the plant kingdom, when to work and when to rest. Your kind tends to push far harder than is wise for your health or well being.

There are rhythms inherent in all things. There are right times to push forward, to strive, to produce. Equally, there are times to rest, recuperate – to integrate what has been accomplished.

This phase of integration is crucial for all types of growth and progress. Unfortunately, it is the most missed aspect of your culture. It is in the reflective phase that true wisdom and learning can root in deeply in the consciousness. This time and space that is created allow lateral connections to take place – these are the types of thoughts that are the foundation of creative thinking. These ideas cannot come forth in a mind that never stops to rest.

The out breath is of equal importance to the in breath. Inspiration can only occur when the lungs are empty.

Our essence encourages appropriate “times out” – the necessary component to balance out productivity

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