Sweet Michelia


The Sweet Michelia is a beautiful and fragrant flowering tree that holds sacred temple energy. As a Flower Essence, it inspires us to seek re-union with our spirit, and fosters compassion for ourselves and others.


Sweet Michelia | Flower Essence | Spirit of Compassion

Botanical Name: Magnolia doltsopa

Family:  Magnoliaceae
Sweet Michelia flower essence fact sheet

Message from Sweet Michelia Flower Essence

We are holders of sacred temple energy. People of ancient time recognized that the perfume we fill the air with has cleansing and sacred properties. That is, it inspired an attitude of devotion and inner purity. This mindset is appropriate for the energy of a temple, and so we were often planted nearby for this purpose.

Your culture has a great need of the energy of the sacred. This is quite different from religion. For many religions have been used and deformed by people into a non-evolutionary form. That is, they do not encourage the growth and development of each soul. For this is the true purpose, the founding idea of religion – that is to aid the evolvement of the soul on this plane. There is no higher purpose than this. Sadly, often humans do not grasp this truth and contort the teachings of the pioneer souls to their own desires and goals for power and influence. 

Our energy is to radiate a resonance to inspire the true, holy search for growth and re-union with spirit. This search (for there truly is no destination) is the driver for all personal evolution. It is not about the path itself – the concept of the existence of one path to God is mistaken – it is the search which creates holiness in the soul.

We simply serve to remind the souls of their purpose.

The gathering of merit is a noble pursuit. Much good, both for the individual and the collective, can be created this way. Therefore, we greatly encourage you, and all of you, to seek opportunities to serve others. It is in service that much merit, much wisdom, and much grace can be created. Remember our fragrance – beautifying and elevating all around – through the perfume of your giving spirit you can elevate your contacts as well.

The second principle is of kindness and compassion for others. This is not necessarily a principle of action – more one of mind. The heartful sharing of compassion can be more powerful on this plane than most action. By generating compassion in yourself – and this quality does truly begin with you, having compassion for yourself – the elevation of energies begins all around you. 

The third principle is the seeking of beauty. Look for beauty all around you and you will find a more beautiful world. Actively seeking beauty will enhance what is there, cause flowering (metaphorically), and the gathering, growing, and the multiplying of beauty all around. Beauty is not a superficial principle, as your culture understands it. It is not disposable, unimportant. It is a powerful force for evolution on your plane.

Only through slowness, the spaciousness of thought and of being – is there room to develop wisdom and insight. Slowing down is of great value. You will find much use and growth in creating space for yourself to contemplate. This pattern is natural and most restorative to humans, and is easily returned to you.  Peaceful contemplation is fostered by taking the essence we have made together.

Be not passive or sleepy in your contemplation. True contemplation is active in non-action. The energy flows in the body are to be activated, the direction of the flows to be vertical. Through actively directing energies in the body, while maintaining a calm detachment – this is the way best to practice.

Think of an active engagement in the energetic body – drawing breath, chi flowing in consciously directed manner. The chi flows along the front and back of the spine. One’s attention may be drawn to this inner focus of meditation. By attending to the flowing energy, two actions result. First, the body is energized and nourished. Secondarily, the mind has a focus point to permit deep contemplation. A mind without a focus point is a flag without a pole – you will be endlessly chasing it.

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