Meadowsweet Flower Essence is a primary essence for the manifestation process.  Manifestation takes place in complete awareness of interconnection with all things. The illusion of separation with the desired object or goal must first be released. Then all forces work together with you, over time, to allow the manifestation to take form.



Meadowsweet | Flower Essence | Manifestation Through Connection

Botanical Name: Spirea japonica var acuminata

Family: Rosaceae
Meadowsweet flower essence fact sheet

Message from Meadowsweet Flower Essence

Our gifts, as you might call them, arise from the knowing of true connection. For if you view yourself as separate, all things you desire are separate from you. But if you can know the connection you have with all things – you can create the resonance with that which you seek to attract. If you always view it as other, it will always evade your grasp. By recognizing the connection, the actual and real sharing of your cells, your atoms, your Divine spark with that which you desire, you cannot be apart from it. In this plane, these truths may appear to take time to appear, but from a greater perspective they exist.

The next idea for you to integrate is one of process. The plane we all exist in is one of process. For example, look at us, this plant, in physical form. Our form in this place started as a seed, then grew into a plant which has been placed in this garden where you now sit. This eventually, through a series of seasons and years, now manifests in the blooming process you see now. This is how the process works on your plane. Many steps must be taken, time (as you understand it) must elapse, until the result appears. All the actions taken had to be done in service of the result. For if the seed had been disturbed multiple times before sprouting it would have never become a plant. And if the plant had been dug up and moved eight times, would it be blooming now? So you see, in the manifestation of a result, many steps need to be taken, time must elapse, but all must be in service of the result desired.

Now, all actions taken in this case were not by humans. Remember the human works in partnership with the forces of nature – not in a vacuum. The loving embrace of the roots by the earth allowed the uptake of nutrients that foster growth. The energy of the sun creates chemical processes in the plant, each one as is appropriate for the season. With you too in your manifestation, the forces of nature combine to provide you with that which you desire.

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