Matsu Purple Sandalwood


Matsu Purple Sandalwood Flower Essence teaches you to take time for yourself in rest and stillness. This essence offers the experience of peace, remedying the overstimulation of the modern world. It helps you create more spaciousness in your life by slowing down to experience a greater awareness and appreciation of the time you have. 


Matsu Purple Sandalwood | Flower Essence | Experiencing Peace

Botanical Name: Eurya emarginata

Family: Theaceae
Matsu Purple Sandalwood flower essence fact sheet

Message from Matsu Purple Sandalwood Flower Essence

Our honeyed fragrance reminds you to take time and care of yourself – what’s the rush? It is only your mind, your cultural conditioning that creates this attitude. We in the kingdom of nature know this not, for there is endless time. For we flow with the beat of the earth – the ebb and flow of the waters drawn by the heavenly bodies. This is the only time there is. All else is cultural construct. This culture of yours has made great things and has improved lives in many ways, but you humans are learning the limits of it’s value. There is a huge disconnect in the way you live – it poisons your hearts and makes you feel hollow inside. This disconnection from source, from meaningful connection to other, fellow inhabitants in your world. It is truly unhealthy for your bodies and your souls. This malaise is broadly affecting your tribe, and species as a whole. This is not a condemnation of your kind, merely an observation of the current state of being. We note the imbalance, and are happy to assist anyone who wishes to remedy this state.

Beauty is the “in”. To take a moment to appreciate beauty is to hear the heartbeat of your world. Nothing else is required to reconnect with your soul.

Our essence can aid those who have need of peace. There is so much stimulation in your realm, and your lives seem so hurried. It is wise to keep in mind that this is all but an illusion, and not truly accurate. Perhaps it is more clear to think of it as a construct, a vehicle or medium in which your experience is processed. For the establishment of your incarnation seems to proceed along a line – you see the progression of your life in an unbroken linearity. Through the mutually accepted lens of these all around you, you form an agreed upon reality. Do not mistake this agreement for absolute truth. It is simply a lens that allows you to process and understand your experiences.

So, our essence addresses this mystery – how can you create more spaciousness within your linear experience? Your physicists can tell you time is not absolute – there is considerable “wiggle room” you have not tapped into. Paradoxically, you can have far greater experience of enhanced time when you slow down. Let us clarify, going faster, doing more, acting from an adrenalized state –  none of these things will achieve your goal. In fact, it will be quite the opposite, for you will subjectively experience less time, as well as shortening your incarnation in years by burning your system prematurely.  This state is surely contrary to the goal.

Therefore, offer yourself the gift of time. The essence can create greater awareness of the spaciousness you already have, and truly lengthen the perceived and actual time you have.

Take time to relish your experiences. These moments of appreciation will go far to reset your physical clock, enhancing your health and slowing down your aging.

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